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Greetings from Canada Judith  !

Only a reminder that I'm very happy with the quality products I purchased over the years. They all look like brand new and I take very good care of each set. Again thank you Judith and the tailors in Vietnam I salute you and thank you  !
Best regards to you all  😊
2nd June 2015

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Simply Transitions Z

David is wearing Simply Zip Tai Chi clothes in light weight cotton.

Men's and Women's Simply Comfort Range of Tai Chi Clothes

If your priority in Tai Chi clothes is ease of dressing and comfort when wearing then our Simply Comfort Range of Tai Chi clothes is right for you. These Tai Chi suits have most of the same features of traditional Tai Chi uniforms and are made in our full range of fabrics so you can look good. What distinguishes our Simply Comfort Range of Tai Chi clothes is that you can dress and undress without fuss.