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Hi Judith
I received the Custom Tai Chi Uniform and it is AMAZING AND ASTOUNDING!!! That is the MOST PERFECT Tai Chi uniform and it FITS PERFECTLY!!! The cotton silk fabric you recommended is so soft and luxurious just like my favourite polyester. The red embroidery Longevity on the back and the gold dragon on the front are exquisite against the black uniform and the red trim for the frog buttons make it the BEST UNIFORM YOU HAVE EVER MADE!!! A resounding THANK YOU to you and the tailors for a custom Tai chi uniform of the HIGHEST QUALITY. I will be ordering some custom shoes!!! My Kung Fu instructor was very impressed with the uniform!!! With great admiration and appreciation.
Sylvia, Arizona 25th January 2016

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Boniface from Martial Arts Fitness Cultural and Sporting Centre Uganda

Boniface from Martial Arts Fitness Cultural and Sporting Centre Uganda

Silver Yin Yang Buttons Now Available

Silver Yin Yang Buttons from Tai Chi Tranquility

About our Tailor in Vietnam

Custom made Tai Chi Uniform by Tai Chi Tranquility
Selection of gongs available through Tai Chi TranquilityHistoric gong of the Cham People 19.5"Historic gong from Hue for celebrationOld Flat Bronze Gong
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We recently visited our tailors in Vietnam and found a fantastic local supplier of new and ancient Chinese gongs.  You can choose to add a gong range of range and it can now be sent with your uniform and shoes if you wish or your gong can be posted individually.

We have both Chau gongs (Tam-tam) which are the flat faced gongs or Bossed gongs (may also be called Nipple gongs).  Both types of gongs are suspended, normally in a frame and are played with a soft hammer. Gongs were first used in China to call the peasents in from the fields: some gongs are so loud that they can be heard from 50 miles away. Chau gongs were also used to signal the coming of important officals who were travelling. The earliest Chau gong dates from the Western Han Dynasty (206 BC - 9 AD).  Gongs are traditionally made from an alloy composed of a maximum of 22% tin to 78% copper (small amounts of lead, zinc and iron may also be added).  It is the special properties of this alloy, when heated and cooled, that allowed the Chinese and other Asian nations to make gongs; a secret hidden from the West until the 19th Centuary.  Modern gongs may also be made from bronze and brass.  The sound produced from the flat Chau (tam-tam) gong is more like a crash rather than a tuned note. The bossed gongs have a clear resonant tone with different notes being produced depending on the composition and size of the gong, where the gong is struck and by the way the hammer is used to create that sounds. Nipple gongs are generally used in temples for worship and in orchastras and opera.  Please note, our gongs are authentic; the Vietnames people; although strongly independent are influeced by their ancient links to China and their Chinese heritage (Much like the USA and Britain share a similar culture).

To see some of our gongs please open the thumbnail images you can see we have a gong from the villages of the Cham people, it is a bossed gong, slightly green in color  and is 19.5" wide, quite a large gong. It comes with a large hammer and a suitably sized stand if required. Gongs are priced by our supplier according to their rarity: we will give you a price when you make an enquiry. We belive you will be pleasantly pleased with the price as we were.

Generally gong sizes range from 12" to 25" diameter. We will not be supplying the newly manufactured bronze and steel gongs (which can be seen in the group picture) as these are inexpensive gongs distributed worldwide in large quantities and readily available.

The gong stand is optional and all gongs come with the correct size hammer.

In the front image you will see a small hand made drum and drumsticks available for purchase in the options below.