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When YMAA quit offering silk clothing here in the States, I feared that my students and I would have to go back to T-shirts and sweats. All cotton is good as it does not interfere with energy flow through the body but silk is so much better. When I found TaiChiTranquility's site and viewed the awesome variety of styles and fabrics, I took the chance and did a kit mail order. I was surprised at how quickly that first kit came and that it was spot on right the way out of the bag.

The clothing is very well made and the raw silk used is comfortable and breathes well. Custom fitting provided for a fit that is so nice, not a generic fit. As a teacher, I am in these clothes for long stretches, so that "just right" fit is very nice to have. I just recently purchased my multi-year students a kit of their choice and each of them has nothing but praise for the fit and style.

If you are in the market for superb kits for any medatative or martial practice, you can not go wrong with these products. Judith and her Viet Nam crew are spot on and thre turn around is very quick. 

Ric, Colorado US
Journey in peace mates.

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Boniface from Martial Arts Fitness Cultural and Sporting Centre Uganda

Boniface from Martial Arts Fitness Cultural and Sporting Centre Uganda

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Custom made Tai Chi Uniform by Tai Chi Tranquility
Tai Chi Pants and Kung Fu Pants from $35
Kung Fu Pants, Tai Chi Pants  - Detail of Front PocketsKung Fu Pants, Tai Chi Pants - Detail of Rear PocketsKung Fu Pants, Tai Chi Pants - Detail of Inside PocketKung Fu Pants, Tai Chi Pants - Detail of GussetKung Fu, Tai Chi PantsAlso see our Bruce Lee style pants by Tai Chi TranquilityBruce Lee style Kung Fu pants by Tai Chi TranquilityBruce Lee style Kung Fu pants by Tai Chi TranquilityTai Chi, Kung Fu and Gong Fu pants by Tai Chi TranquilityGong Fu pants by Tai Chi TranquilityTai Chi uniform with dragon embroidery by Tai Chi TranquilityTai Chi uniform with dragon embroidery by Tai Chi TranquilityFinished garment specification for pants and jackets
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Tai Chi pants are a very important item in the Tai Chi wardrobe. Having the right cut and fabric is essential to your practise. Ordering with us, you can create the pants exactly to your requirements in any of our fabrics and colors. Even though we have many options, additional modifications may be made using the special request box in the order section below. Of course black is the most popular color and my preferred fabric is pure cotton silk which I wear all year round.

Product Features:-

  • Soft elastic at the waist and at the ankles
  • All pants have a drawstring at the waist
  • The crotch is long enough so that there is no pulling or need for adjustment during practice
  • There is a diamond shaped gusset sewn into the crotch which is necessary to allow you to perform deep squats and high kicks
  • Our standard pants with ankle elastic, we have added 4" to the length so they fold over and touch the top of your shoes when you are standing upright
  • There is a small pocket sewn onto the inside waistband for your convenience
  • The Tai Chi pants are a generous cut around the hips - standard is an additional 10" to the body measurement
  • To check your size refer to the size chart below: Chart 1 Around the body and Chart 2 Height
  • OR you can use the Sizes Navigation Tab for the full sizing information 
  • Do select your actual size; do not add anything because the pants will be about 8"- 10" larger around the body and for the standard pants with ankle elastic they are approximately 4" longer
  • If you want to know the finished garment dimensions you can check the Finished Garment Chart in the image thumbnails above
Fabrics and colors:-
  • As you browse the fabrics below, the specific fabric color chart will appear (as an image: above right) when you tick the box - click on the image of the color chart to open to full size. Each fabric has it's own color chart
  • To order, make your selection, tick the box and write the color name and number
  • Additional pockets: front, rear or both
  • Dragon embroidery
  • Knee patches 
  • 3/4 length with wide hem double thickness
  • Optional ankle finish: *hemmed, unhemmed, drawstring, cuff with frog buttons, *hemmed double thickness (same as the sleeve on the Casual Martial Arts Jacket), *hemmed 4 row of stitching or wide band of elastic ribbing - *Ankle finish requires the desired length please measure the outer leg from the waist to the desired length
Standard tailoring adjustment for plus sizes with a short leg combination:-
  • For plus sizes XXXL and XXXXL with a short leg combination, out tailors will make a judgement regarding the crotch length based on experience. If you wish to make a comment, or, for additional accuracy/comfort, provie a crotch measurement please do so in the "Special Tailoring Request" box below. To measure, take the tape measure from the top of the wasitband at the front then through the legs to the top of the waistband at the back (total rise). We add 2" plus the diamond shaped gusset. 
Special Tailoring Requests and Embroidery Details:-
  • When ordering the Tai Chi pants, use the editable box below to let us know if you have a special request or to remind us to repeat the specifications of your last order.
  • Specify embroidery location and any color changes