Traditional Changshan like IP MAN from $120


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Hi Judith
I received the Custom Tai Chi Uniform and it is AMAZING AND ASTOUNDING!!! That is the MOST PERFECT Tai Chi uniform and it FITS PERFECTLY!!! The cotton silk fabric you recommended is so soft and luxurious just like my favourite polyester. The red embroidery Longevity on the back and the gold dragon on the front are exquisite against the black uniform and the red trim for the frog buttons make it the BEST UNIFORM YOU HAVE EVER MADE!!! A resounding THANK YOU to you and the tailors for a custom Tai chi uniform of the HIGHEST QUALITY. I will be ordering some custom shoes!!! My Kung Fu instructor was very impressed with the uniform!!! With great admiration and appreciation.
Sylvia, Arizona 25th January 2016

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Boniface from Martial Arts Fitness Cultural and Sporting Centre Uganda

Boniface from Martial Arts Fitness Cultural and Sporting Centre Uganda

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Custom made Tai Chi Uniform by Tai Chi Tranquility
Traditional Changshan like IP MAN from $120
Ip Man The Final Fight Anthony WongDonnie Yen Ip ManIp Man the Legend is BornIp Chun and Dennis To in Ip Man the Legend is BornChow Yun Fat, Hidden Dragon and Crouching TigerChow Yun Fat, Hidden Dragon and Crouching TigerTraditional Cheongsam and ChangshanTai Chi uniform with dragon embroidery by Tai Chi TranquilityFinished garment specification, please adjust the length of the Changshan to suit
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The Changshan is a traditional Chinese dress for men generally worn at weddings and formal events. It has become popular recently due to the Ip Man movies, see thumbnail images of Donnie Yen in Ip Man Grandmaster, Anthony Wong in Ip Man The Final Fight and Dennis To in Ip Man The Legend is Born. 

The changshan is custom made so you can order the gown to the exact length you require; full length, calf length or knee length etc. The traditional Changshan is a loose fitting gown that buttons across the chest and down the side with traditional Chinese frog buttons. The Mandarin Collar has an additional inner detachable collar. There are side slits on either side and we include a side pocket. Pants are provided as part of the Changshan set. Lining is optional with the changshan for both gown and pants in either cotton or silk. The sash is 2500mm long by 70mm wide.

Product features:
  • Mandarin collar with inside detachable collar
  • Folded cuffs
  • Frog buttons across chest to underarm and down side
  • Long side slits both sides with side pocket
  • Pants with ankle elactic
  • Long sash for waist
  • To check your size refer to the size chart below: Chart 1 Around the body and Chart 2 Height
  • OR you can use the Sizes Navigation Tab for the full sizing information 
  • Do select your actual size; do not add anything because the jacket will be about 8" larger around the body so it is loose and flowing for Tai Chi and Martial Arts 
  • Custom made to measure Tai Chi suits to complete your measurements, a separate window will open for your convenience
Fabric and colors:
  • As you browse the fabrics in the checkboxes below, the specific fabric color chart will appear if you tick the box (the product image will be replaced by the fabric chart see above right) - click on the image of the color chart to open to full size, each fabric has it's own color chart
  • To order, tick your selection and write the color name and number 
Options to customise your Tai Chi uniform:
  • Choose Changshan length
  • Choose frog buttons down the centre front of gown
  • Additional pockets in pants; front/back or both
  • A variety of ankle finishes available, refer to the dropdown box *For hemmed options we require the length; measure the outer leg from the waist to the desired length
  • Dragon embroidery
  • Lining
  • Option for a round neck as seen in the thumbnail image
  • Traditionally the Changshan was worn over a shorter jacket and pants, if you wish to inclued the short jacket Traditional Tai Chi jacket worn with Changshan
  • The gown is available with a simple round neck as seen in 'Hidden Dragon and Crouching Tiger' worn by Chow Yun Fat, see thumbnail images
Trim options:
  • Choose frog button color 
  • Option to have a different color cuffs and detachable collar 
  • Option to have a different color detachable second collar (which gives the impression of trim)
Special tailoring request and Embroidery details:
  • Option to request a minor change
  • If your waist or hips are significantly wider than your chest/bust please provide this information/measurement in the Special Tailoring Request box
  • Specify embroidery location and any color change