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When YMAA quit offering silk clothing here in the States, I feared that my students and I would have to go back to T-shirts and sweats. All cotton is good as it does not interfere with energy flow through the body but silk is so much better. When I found TaiChiTranquility's site and viewed the awesome variety of styles and fabrics, I took the chance and did a kit mail order. I was surprised at how quickly that first kit came and that it was spot on right the way out of the bag.

The clothing is very well made and the raw silk used is comfortable and breathes well. Custom fitting provided for a fit that is so nice, not a generic fit. As a teacher, I am in these clothes for long stretches, so that "just right" fit is very nice to have. I just recently purchased my multi-year students a kit of their choice and each of them has nothing but praise for the fit and style.

If you are in the market for superb kits for any medatative or martial practice, you can not go wrong with these products. Judith and her Viet Nam crew are spot on and thre turn around is very quick. 

Ric, Colorado US
Journey in peace mates.

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Boniface from Martial Arts Fitness Cultural and Sporting Centre Uganda

Boniface from Martial Arts Fitness Cultural and Sporting Centre Uganda

Silver Yin Yang Buttons Now Available

Silver Yin Yang Buttons from Tai Chi Tranquility

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Custom made Tai Chi Uniform by Tai Chi Tranquility
UNIFORMS : Traditional Tai Chi Uniform and ClothingUNIFORMS : Traditional Tai Chi Uniform and Clothing from Tai Chi Tranquility are simply the best. Check out our vast range of Traditional Tai Chi Uniforms. You have the choice of fabric, colour and trims. You can select standard sizing or choose to have the uniform custom measurements and even custom design. These are the type of Taiji uniforms you would like to wear in competition, demonstrations or when leading a group of students.

CLOTHING FOR CLASS : Casual Tai Chi ClothingCLOTHING FOR CLASS : Casual Tai Chi ClothingRegular practitioners of Tai Chi come to Tai Chi Tranquility to find clothing suitable to wear to class and practise. This range includes more simple shirts and jackets than our Traditional Tai Chi Uniforms for demonstration and competition. Select from our great range of fabrics and colors. We specialise in fitting Western bodies from petit to plus.
JACKETS : Tai Chi Jackets, Shirts and BlousesJACKETS : Tai Chi Jackets, Shirts and BlousesWe have a great range of Tai Chi jackets and shirts suitable for Tai Chi practise. In this category you can select any of our jackets, shirts and blouses separate to the pants. You can mix and match sizing to suit your needs. All the same fabric and color options are available as when selecting a full uniform.
PANTS : Tai Chi PantsPANTS : Tai Chi PantsOur Tai Chi Pants category and our Tai Chi Jackets, shirts and blouses is where you will find our separates. If our size chart did not accommodate your specific needs and you do not wish to have a custom made uniform, this is where you can choose a different size pants to the top. The full range of fabric and colors are available.
SHOES : Made to Measure Tai Chi ShoesSHOES : Made to Measure Tai Chi Shoesare perfect for Tai Chi, Qigong, Kung Fu and Martial Arts more generally. Our standard competition style leather Tai Chi Shoes, perfect for practice or demonstration are available in lace up, covered single lace or velcro closures. We also have available a lightweight black cotton slipper. FROM THE MOVIES : Kung Fu clothing Bruce Lee and othersFROM THE MOVIES : Kung Fu clothing Bruce Lee and othersHere you will find our version of Kung fu clothing worn by Martial Arts movie stars: Bruce Lee, Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Pai Mei, Collin Chou, Donnie Yen, Anthony Wong, Dennis To, Kara Hui. We feature Bruce Lee pants and Bruce Lee jackets, Collin Chou jacket from Matrix, a nicely styled Jet Li jacket, Pai Mei outfit from Kill Bill and Kara Hui in Kung Fu Wing Chun (playing Master Ng Mui).

ACCESSORIES : Tai Chi Accessories and JewelleryACCESSORIES : Tai Chi Accessories and JewelleryIncluded in our Tai chi Accessories range you will find beautiful handmade silver Yin Yang buttons. The buttons may be purchased individually or we can include them on any of our shirts and jackets, alternately my favorite is the Ying Yang button on our silk shirt.

QIGONG and MEDITATION : Clothing for men and womenQIGONG and MEDITATION : Clothing for men and womenThis range of clothing is perfect for practitioners of Qigong and Mediation. The styles are comfortable and relaxed and come in a range of natural fibres. It is also popular with Natural Therapy professional as workwear, massage therapists, midwives, accupuncturists, herbalists, Chinese medical practitioners and osteopaths are attracted to this comfortable 'laid back' style of dressing. 

WOMEN'S TAI CHI CLOTHING : Qigong BeautyWOMEN'S TAI CHI CLOTHING : Qigong BeautyOur Qigong Beauty Range of Tai Chi clothes is for the woman who wants to look as good on the outside as she feels on the inside. You'll find the traditional styles of Tai Chi uniforms here in all their colorful glory. You will also find some different Taiji uniform styles that are reflective of the natural, holistic health movement that encompasses both Tai Chi, Qigong and Meditation. We have the Women's Tai Chi clothes that you are looking for. SIMPLY COMFORT TAI CHI CLOTHES :  No fussSIMPLY COMFORT TAI CHI CLOTHES : No fussThese Tai Chi clothes are perfect for the older person or someone who has arthritis. If your priority in Tai Chi uniforms is ease of dressing and you love to wear our Tai Chi suits for comfort then our Simply Comfort Range of Tai Chi clothes is right for you. These Tai Chi clothes have most of the same features of traditional Tai Chi clothes and are made in our full range of fabrics so you can look good. What distinguishes our Simply Comfort Range is that you can dress and undress without fuss.
PAJAMAS : Tranquility SleepwearPAJAMAS : Tranquility SleepwearMen and women's custom made pajamas, sleepwear and robes, visit our store SPECIALS : Up to 60% off Selected Tai Chi UniformsSPECIALS : Up to 60% off Selected Tai Chi Uniforms
GIFT CERTIFICATES : Tai Chi TranquilityGIFT CERTIFICATES : Tai Chi TranquilityOur gift certificates are a great idea when you are looking for Tai Chi clothing for that special person. 

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