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When YMAA quit offering silk clothing here in the States, I feared that my students and I would have to go back to T-shirts and sweats. All cotton is good as it does not interfere with energy flow through the body but silk is so much better. When I found TaiChiTranquility's site and viewed the awesome variety of styles and fabrics, I took the chance and did a kit mail order. I was surprised at how quickly that first kit came and that it was spot on right the way out of the bag.

The clothing is very well made and the raw silk used is comfortable and breathes well. Custom fitting provided for a fit that is so nice, not a generic fit. As a teacher, I am in these clothes for long stretches, so that "just right" fit is very nice to have. I just recently purchased my multi-year students a kit of their choice and each of them has nothing but praise for the fit and style.

If you are in the market for superb kits for any medatative or martial practice, you can not go wrong with these products. Judith and her Viet Nam crew are spot on and thre turn around is very quick. 

Ric, Colorado US
Journey in peace mates.

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Boniface from Martial Arts Fitness Cultural and Sporting Centre Uganda

Boniface from Martial Arts Fitness Cultural and Sporting Centre Uganda

Silver Yin Yang Buttons Now Available

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About our Tailor in Vietnam

Custom made Tai Chi Uniform by Tai Chi Tranquility
At Tai Chi Tranquility we believe that, compared to any other online seller, we have the best range and quality of Tai Chi clothes anywhere in the world. 
Wide Range of Sizes
We have the most extensive range of standard size combinations (from XS to XXXXLarge) for our entire range whether it be a Tai Chi uniform, Kung Fu uniform or meditation clothing.
Wide Range of Fabrics and Colors
We have the most extensive range of quality fabrics and colors allowing you to really get what you want. For your Tai Chi uniform and Kung Fu uniform you can select any color combination making the uniform specific to your individual needs or team specifications. We regularly source new fabrics and investigate recommendations from our customers.
Excellent Customer service
We provide top quality customer service; when you write or ring us you speak to the owner of the business, Judith Hands, who lives in Australia. She discusses with you any details that need to be clarified and she communicates with our experienced, high quality tailors to ensure that you are completely satisfied. A couple of times each year Judith travels for visit the tailors in Vietnam, during this time email communication is sometimes difficult and not as prompt as usual, however we will always get back to you.
Made to Order, Custom Design and Fit
If the Tai Chi uniform or Kung Fu uniform you are looking for is not in our standard range, then we can custom make to your exact specifications for a small extra cost, which includes custom design, sizing, fabric and color selection.  You can send a picture, drawing, YouTube video etc.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with our Tai Chi uniform then we will replace the uniform or refund you 100% of the purchase price. You can buy from us with complete confidence as you can see by checking out the comments from our previous customers (click here).