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Money Back Guarantee at Tai Chi Tranquility

Hi Judith -

I wanted you to know how delighted I am with the entire purchasing process at Tai Chi Tranquility. Your website is clear and informative while the actual purchase effort simple and secure. 

The pants came sooner than expected. The tailoring company’s communication on when to expect delivery was reassuring and much appreciated. Quality of product is first rate: excellent material, meticulous stitching and sized as expected. 

In an age of robotic online purchasing through remote vendors, your operation stands out as personalized yet just as efficient with the added bonus of far better materials and workmanship. I believe you have out Amazon-ed Amazon!

I will wear these pants proudly, and rest assured, my tai chi classmates will hear of your service. 

Well done!

Sacramento California

22nd February 2019

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Boniface from Martial Arts Fitness Cultural and Sporting Centre Uganda

Boniface from Martial Arts Fitness Cultural and Sporting Centre Uganda

Silver Yin Yang Buttons Now Available

Silver Yin Yang Buttons from Tai Chi Tranquility

About our Tailor in Vietnam

Custom made Tai Chi Uniform by Tai Chi Tranquility

Best Quality, Best Fit - Tai Chi Clothing and Pants

UNIFORMS : Traditional Tai Chi Uniform and ClothingUNIFORMS : Traditional Tai Chi Uniform and Clothing from Tai Chi Tranquility are simply the best. Check out our vast range of Traditional Tai Chi Uniforms. You have the choice of fabric, colour and trims. You can select standard sizing or choose to have the uniform custom measurements and even custom design. These are the type of Taiji uniforms you would like to wear in competition, demonstrations or when leading a group of students.

JACKETS : Tai Chi Jackets, Shirts and BlousesJACKETS : Tai Chi Jackets, Shirts and BlousesWe have a great range of Tai Chi jackets and shirts suitable for Tai Chi practise. In this category you can select any of our jackets, shirts and blouses separate to the pants. You can mix and match sizing to suit your needs. All the same fabric and color options are available as when selecting a full uniform.
PANTS : Tai Chi PantsPANTS : Tai Chi PantsOur Tai Chi Pants category and our Tai Chi Jackets, shirts and blouses is where you will find our separates. If our size chart did not accommodate your specific needs and you do not wish to have a custom made uniform, this is where you can choose a different size pants to the top. The full range of fabric and colors are available. FROM THE MOVIES : Kung Fu clothing Bruce Lee and othersFROM THE MOVIES : Kung Fu clothing Bruce Lee and othersHere you will find our version of Kung fu clothing worn by Martial Arts movie stars: Bruce Lee, Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Pai Mei, Collin Chou, Donnie Yen, Anthony Wong, Dennis To, Kara Hui. We feature Bruce Lee pants and Bruce Lee jackets, Collin Chou jacket from Matrix, a nicely styled Jet Li jacket, Pai Mei outfit from Kill Bill and Kara Hui in Kung Fu Wing Chun (playing Master Ng Mui).

CLOTHING FOR CLASS : Casual Tai Chi ClothingCLOTHING FOR CLASS : Casual Tai Chi ClothingRegular practitioners of Tai Chi come to Tai Chi Tranquility to find clothing suitable to wear to class and practise. This range includes more simple shirts and jackets than our Traditional Tai Chi Uniforms for demonstration and competition. Select from our great range of fabrics and colors. We specialise in fitting Western bodies from petit to plus. EMBROIDERY : Dragons, Tiger, Phoenix and Longevity for Tai Chi ClothingEMBROIDERY : Dragons, Tiger, Phoenix and Longevity for Tai Chi ClothingWe have a number of embroidery options available to enhance your Tai Chi Clothing and Tai Chi Uniforms. 


Embroidery : Dragons, Longevity, Dragon and Phoenix, Tiger

Double dragon jacket Tai Chi Tranquility    Dragon embroidery Tai Chi Tranquility    Tai Chi Clothing by Tai Chi Tranquility with dragon embroidery    Dragon and Phoenix embroidery Tai Chi Tranquility    Tiger embroidery Tai Chi Tranquility
Dragon embroidery options are now available within the product selection

More products:

QIGONG and MEDITATION : Clothing for men and womenQIGONG and MEDITATION : Clothing for men and womenThis range of clothing is perfect for practitioners of Qigong and Mediation. The styles are comfortable and relaxed and come in a range of natural fibres. It is also popular with Natural Therapy professional as workwear, massage therapists, midwives, accupuncturists, herbalists, Chinese medical practitioners and osteopaths are attracted to this comfortable 'laid back' style of dressing. 

WOMEN'S TAI CHI CLOTHING : Qigong BeautyWOMEN'S TAI CHI CLOTHING : Qigong BeautyOur Qigong Beauty Range of Tai Chi clothes is for the woman who wants to look as good on the outside as she feels on the inside. You'll find the traditional styles of Tai Chi uniforms here in all their colorful glory. You will also find some different Taiji uniform styles that are reflective of the natural, holistic health movement that encompasses both Tai Chi, Qigong and Meditation. We have the Women's Tai Chi clothes that you are looking for.
SIMPLY COMFORT TAI CHI CLOTHES :  No fussSIMPLY COMFORT TAI CHI CLOTHES : No fussThese Tai Chi clothes are perfect for the older person or someone who has arthritis. If your priority in Tai Chi uniforms is ease of dressing and you love to wear our Tai Chi suits for comfort then our Simply Comfort Range of Tai Chi clothes is right for you. These Tai Chi clothes have most of the same features of traditional Tai Chi clothes and are made in our full range of fabrics so you can look good. What distinguishes our Simply Comfort Range is that you can dress and undress without fuss. ACCESSORIES : Tai Chi Accessories and JewelleryACCESSORIES : Tai Chi Accessories and JewelleryIncluded in our Tai chi Accessories range you will find beautiful handmade silver Yin Yang buttons. The buttons may be purchased individually or we can include them on any of our shirts and jackets, alternately my favorite is the Ying Yang button on our silk shirt.

PAJAMAS : Tranquility SleepwearPAJAMAS : Tranquility SleepwearMen and women's custom made pajamas, sleepwear and robes, visit our store GIFT CERTIFICATES : Tai Chi TranquilityGIFT CERTIFICATES : Tai Chi TranquilityOur gift certificates are a great idea when you are looking for Tai Chi clothing for that special person. 

Contemporary Tai Chi Clothes

Welcome to Tai Chi Tranquility; a place to find the right Tai Chi uniforms, Tai Chi Suits, Tai Chi pants and Kung Fu Pants.  We are famous for the fit of our Tai Chi clothes.  Our Tai Chi pants and Kung Fu pants are just fantastic for fit, comfort, feel and flow. We have now added a great range or optional pockets to our Tai Chi pants Kung Fu pants as well as knee patches and a variety of ankle finishes. Tai Chi, also referred to as T'ai chi ch'uan, Tai Chi Chuan and Taiji, may be seen as part of the holistic health movement that encompasses yoga, meditation and healthy living. Tai Chi and Kung Fu uniforms are have similar characteristics so if you are a Kung Fu (or Gong Fu) practitioner who wants great kung fu pants or an authentic kung fu suit or kung fu uniform; you have come to the right shop. 

 Check out our newly created CLOTHING FOR CLASS : Casual Tai Chi Clothing range to see what we mean about our unique Tai Chi clothes. Also have a look at our new SIMPLY COMFORT TAI CHI CLOTHES : No fuss  for Tai Chi uniforms which is ideal for older people or those with arthritis in the hands because there are no frog buttons.   We still feature our traditional Tai Chi uniforms for demonstration and competition; see UNIFORMS : Traditional Tai Chi Uniform range. Tai Chi clothes, especially for women who will love the updated fashion styles in our WOMEN'S TAI CHI CLOTHING : Qigong Beauty. 

We have worked with our tailors to create each uniform to take account of Western body sizes including extra height and weight.  Our Tai Chi suits are made in Western sizes XS to XXXXL. Our standard uniform can fit people up to 6' 7" tall see our unique size charts click here or use the navigation tabs above.  When you take your time to measure accurately, you will be rewarded with a well fitting uniform. There is generally no need to order a larger size as we have added all the additional fabric needed to give a full flowing uniform for Tai Chi practise and performance. 

The fit, feel and comfort of your taiji uniform or Tai Chi pants and Kung Fu pants is of paramount importance to us therefore we have tested our tai chi and kung fu uniforms on Western people of various sizes and shapes to ensure that our Tai Chi clothes will not let you or us down. We use only quality fabrics, many easy care fabrics: beware of cheap imitations. Our Tai Chi clothes, Tai Chi Suits and Tai Chi pants are of the finest quality Tai Chi uniforms available. But you won't pay exorbitant amounts for our Tai Chi clothes because they are affordably priced and the quality of all our Taiji uniforms is guaranteed. You will be 100% satisfied with your new Tai Chi Uniform.

Tai Chi Uniform Standard Competition

Judith is wearing a Standard Competition Tai Chi Uniform in Hoi An Silk blend

Our Tai Chi Clothes are Semi-Custom Made

Each item of Tai Chi clothing is semi-custom made at the time of order (except for some specials). We will happily custom make your Tai Chi uniform, Tai Chi suit, Tai Chi Jacket or Tai Chi pants, individually to your exact measurements. In our beautiful and practical Tai Chi clothes you will experience comfort whilst looking graceful and stylish when you practice Tai Chi.

Choice of Colors and Fabrics
You get to choose the fabric you want for your Taiji uniform or taiji pants. Just imagine yourself practicing Tai Chi in your attractive new Tai Chi clothes made of lightweight cotton, medium weight cottton, heavy cotton, linen, 100 % raw silk, 100% fine silk, Japanese silk, cotton silk, satin, cotton/polyester, linen silk or our new cotton blend stretch fabrics (See our fabric descriptions). You can choose from a huge range of colors (and color combinations) for your Tai Chi suit (See Fabric and Color Charts).  

Choice of Jacket and Pants Cuffs
For the Tai Chi jackets, you get to choose the way you want the cuffs finished. Your choice is to have either the traditional frog buttons on the cuffs, wide elastic (which is easy on and off), folded back cuffs, hemmed, wide hem, piping, see the Cuff Detail image.  You can choose whether you want your pants to have traditional soft elastic cuffs, hemmed, drawstring, unhemmed for you to hem at the exact length you want and a variety of other finishes see the Tai Chi Pants product options.

Would you like your Tai Chi uniform or Tai Chi pants custom-made at a great price?
We can custom make any of our Tai Chi clothes designs to your exact measurements and specifications and we will only charge an additional $25 per uniform,
 click here for custom made informationIf you would like to make up your own Taiji uniform design and/or style variation then we would be happy to do so using our Special Design Service. This is the best option for those wanting children's sizes or size XXXXL or larger. See examples of children's Tai chi or kung fu uniforms which we can custom-make to order.  

Tai Chi Suit Cuff Options by Tai Chi Tranquility

Our Pricing Structure 

Our prices are very competitive. We invite you to check out the price of Chinese mass produced uniforms in cheap fabrics and compare what you get with our very reasonable prices. Our prices are kept to a minimum. We have calculated the cost to you based on the cost of the fabric you choose, the amount of fabric that is needed for the style and size that you choose and the complexity of the tailoring required.   


Buy with Confidence
We quality assure your uniform before it leaves the tailor's workroom so you can be assurred of a quality Tai Chi garment. If you are not delighted with your new purchases we will happily refund your money. We guarantee you will love your Tai Chi uniforms.

Enjoy Browsing our Quality Uniforms

Now we wish you a delightful experience browsing through our range of Tai Chi suits. You are sure to find what you are looking for and be inspired by some of our contemporary new Tai Chi styles.

Our Tailor and Fair Trading

Our uniforms are made to order in Hoi An, central Vietnam. We have worked with the same tailor and shoemaker since 2009 and have a wonderful relationship. They have created thousands of uniforms and costumes, sometimes extremely unusual and complicated. The tailors and seamstresses work in a modern new facility and are remunerated well above the generally accepted pay rates. 

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