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Hi Judith -

I wanted you to know how delighted I am with the entire purchasing process at Tai Chi Tranquility. Your website is clear and informative while the actual purchase effort simple and secure. 

The pants came sooner than expected. The tailoring company’s communication on when to expect delivery was reassuring and much appreciated. Quality of product is first rate: excellent material, meticulous stitching and sized as expected. 

In an age of robotic online purchasing through remote vendors, your operation stands out as personalized yet just as efficient with the added bonus of far better materials and workmanship. I believe you have out Amazon-ed Amazon!

I will wear these pants proudly, and rest assured, my tai chi classmates will hear of your service. 

Well done!

Sacramento California

22nd February 2019

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Boniface from Martial Arts Fitness Cultural and Sporting Centre Uganda

Boniface from Martial Arts Fitness Cultural and Sporting Centre Uganda

Silver Yin Yang Buttons Now Available

Silver Yin Yang Buttons from Tai Chi Tranquility

About our Tailor in Vietnam

Custom made Tai Chi Uniform by Tai Chi Tranquility
When naming the colors I have tried to use the British Standard as the reference point. I have generally then cross checked the color with Wikipedia and sometimes I have have just done the best I can! 

I have adjusted the scanned color to best match the actual swatch. 

If you are still not sure....just drop us a line using the form at the bottom of this page.

Silks and Silk

NEW 100% Fine SilkNEW 100% Fine SilkThis quality crepe silk de chine is very fine and light. We now have a great range of 31 colors. The fabric is quite transparent in the paler colors.  Japanese Silk Japanese SilkThis is one of our most popular fabrics due to it's serviceability and color range. It is a medium weight fabric and very versatile. 100% Raw Silk100% Raw SilkThis beautiful fabric is very popular. It has a texture like linen and is available in 6 colors - black, off white, pale blue, pale pink, forest green and navy which is not on the chart.
Vietnamese SilkVietnamese SilkVietnamese silk is a fine pure silk fabric with an embossed pattern. You will look very stylish when you select the silk jacket maybe with a different trim color and black tai chi pants. Hoi An Satin SilkHoi An Satin SilkThis silk is a blended fibre and is very durable like satin. Use Japanese Silk as a complementary color for trim and pants. SatinSatinSatin is a shiny, man made fabric that is highly durable and easy care in 90 fabulous colors.

Silk Blends Lightweight

Cotton SilkCotton SilkA lightweight blend of cotton and silk. Great for summer uniforms, pants and shirts. Requires no or very little ironing. It has the appearance of cotton, there is no sheen. The fabric is washed prior to making each garment, however there is an additional 2" of shrinkage on the second wash therefore we add an additional 2" to the measurements specified. Cotton Silk PolyesterCotton Silk PolyesterA blend of cotton silk and polyester. A lightweight very easy care fabric with the appearance of cotton, there is no sheen.
Linen SilkLinen SilkThis natural fibre fabric is great to wear in spring, summer and autumn, it is light and soft. It is easy to launder, just gentle machine wash or by hand followed by a light iron if you wish. It comes in a large range of colors, almost everything imaginable, so when selecting just name the color you would like and I will check availability. All the popular Tai Chi uniform colors are here: black, white, off white, red, maroon, navy, royal blue, green, dark grey, light grey, mid grey, dark brown, mid brown.


Medium CottonMedium CottonA medium weight cotton with a touch of polyester which makes the fabric soft and easy care. This is our most popular fabric, now available in 5 colors. Add color to your uniform by selecting a different fabric for the trim. Lightweight 100% Cotton and Cotton Polyester Lightweight 100% Cotton and Cotton Polyester This is a very lightweight summer cotton, available in over 40 colors, suitable for hot climate. This cotton is very fine and see through in the pale colors. Use this chart for cotton polyester colors as well. Heavy Cotton GabardineHeavy Cotton GabardineOur heavy cotton blend (gabardine comes in 9 colors. Great sturdy fabic for heavy workouts or cooler weather.

Cotton Spandex Blend

Cotton Spandex MediumweightCotton Spandex MediumweightThis fabrics is our most popular winter fabric, it is very easy care requiring little or no ironing. We now have a fantastic range of colors available, it's now great to see orange included. For Navy please identify your choice between #75 mid blue and #83 dark blue. Cotton Spandex LightweightCotton Spandex LightweightThis is a lightweight cotton with spandex in a one way stretch. You can give this fabric a good work out, it holds up well. Available in 8 colors. Cotton Spandex HeavyweightCotton Spandex HeavyweightSlightly heavier than the cotton spandex medium weight with some nice bright colors and the usual range of colours suitable for Tai Chi clothing.

Linen and Linen Blends

Linen PolyesterLinen PolyesterThis is great fabric for general use. Ideal for autumn and spring and is a bit light for very cold winters and a bit warm for very hot sumers. It has a lovely texture in a great color range. I just put it in the washing machine and it only needs a light iron. All these colors are great, you'll find something to suit your style. Linen SilkLinen SilkPure linen silk blend. This is a lightweight fabric suitable for summer, autumn, spring. There are a few other colours such as bright red, bright white, navy. The lighter colours seem to display more texture which is evident in the image and there is a slight sheen (but not shiny), more so on the darker colors. This fabric is becoming more and more popular. 100% LinenAvailable in black and white.

Polyester Spandex Lightweight

Polyester Spandex LightweightPolyester Spandex LightweightThis is a T shirt like, lightweight fabric available in black, red, navy, purple and choc brown.

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