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Hi Judith -

I wanted you to know how delighted I am with the entire purchasing process at Tai Chi Tranquility. Your website is clear and informative while the actual purchase effort simple and secure. 

The pants came sooner than expected. The tailoring company’s communication on when to expect delivery was reassuring and much appreciated. Quality of product is first rate: excellent material, meticulous stitching and sized as expected. 

In an age of robotic online purchasing through remote vendors, your operation stands out as personalized yet just as efficient with the added bonus of far better materials and workmanship. I believe you have out Amazon-ed Amazon!

I will wear these pants proudly, and rest assured, my tai chi classmates will hear of your service. 

Well done!

Sacramento California

22nd February 2019

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Boniface from Martial Arts Fitness Cultural and Sporting Centre Uganda

Boniface from Martial Arts Fitness Cultural and Sporting Centre Uganda

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Clothing for Qigong and Meditation

Comfortable clothing for meditation
Short sleeve V neck shirt and long sleeve Mandarin collar in Linen Silk
Our range of Qigong clothing is also suitable as Meditation clothing, Qi clothing and for Natural Health Practitioners for everyday workwear. Mediation teachers, massage therapists, midwives, natural therapists, accupuncturists, herbalists, Chinese medical practitioners and osteopaths will all be attracted to this impressive, yet 'laid back' style of dressing. These holistic clothes are for people who want the ease and comfort of casual clothes but are also concerned about spiritual matters and the environment.
The styles are more relaxed than our Tai Chi uniforms and most designs have an Asian influence. Although still loose, these clothes are slimmer and shorter than our standard Tai Chi uniforms. For our regular customers this range of meditation clothes offers casual 'at home' wear as well relaxed and distinctive day wear in the warmer months.  

For this range of clothing we are featuring linen/silk blend because this fabric is soft, light and natural: compared with 100% linen or 100% cotton, linen/silk wrinkles much less. You can, of course, choose to have these designs made in other fabrics of your choice such as raw silk, fine silk etc. These tops come with optional pockets which are very handy when at work.