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I wanted to thank you for the wonderful uniforms. It's tough to find things my size in off the shelf clothing, and your prices for custom garments is a great value. The craftsmanship and quality of the materials and fantastic. It's rare in today's world that things live up to old school expectations. I really appreciate your approach, care, and compassion for what you're doing.  Attached is a picture of me wearing one of your wonderful uniforms at Tiger Claw Elite 2018.
Thanks again,

Donald, California US
22nd June 2018

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Boniface from Martial Arts Fitness Cultural and Sporting Centre Uganda

Boniface from Martial Arts Fitness Cultural and Sporting Centre Uganda

Silver Yin Yang Buttons Now Available

Silver Yin Yang Buttons from Tai Chi Tranquility

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Custom made Tai Chi Uniform by Tai Chi Tranquility
Tai Chi Shoes Leather with Covered Single Lace
White leather Tai Chi shoes by Tai Chi TranquilityTai Chi shoes rubber sole blackTai Chi shoe rubber sole buff colorTai Chi shoes Yin Yang emblemTai Chi shoes Yin Yang emblem
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Our standard competition style Tai Chi Shoes are perfect for practice or demonstration. These tai chi shoes are also appropriate as kung fu shoes or, more generally, martial arts shoes. Your shoes will be custom made to your specific measurements by our experienced shoemakers. The upper shoe is made of soft, quality leather and has a covered single lace closure and several rows of decorative stitching. The Tai chi shoes have a soft leather innersole then a thin layer of cellolite cushioning for comfort. A lightly dappled 3mm rubber sole is pliable to allow for good contact between the floor and the feet. These lightweight and durable Tai Chi shoes will enhance your practice and support your feet. 
Pivot point trials
We are currently developing a new pivot point which will be trialed very soon and will be available as an option.

Yin Yang logo
Yin Yang logo may be added to any shoe you purchase. 

Leather Colors 
The full range of leather colors is available - black, white, brown, beige, red, navy, blue, gold, silver, green, purple, yellow, orange etc. and many other colors on request.

Our shoes are made to your Custom Measurements:  To find out more and to measure up for your shoes click here.
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