Standard Competition Uniform with Gold Braid


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I wanted to thank you for the wonderful uniforms. It's tough to find things my size in off the shelf clothing, and your prices for custom garments is a great value. The craftsmanship and quality of the materials and fantastic. It's rare in today's world that things live up to old school expectations. I really appreciate your approach, care, and compassion for what you're doing.  Attached is a picture of me wearing one of your wonderful uniforms at Tiger Claw Elite 2018.
Thanks again,

Donald, California US
22nd June 2018

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Boniface from Martial Arts Fitness Cultural and Sporting Centre Uganda

Boniface from Martial Arts Fitness Cultural and Sporting Centre Uganda

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Custom made Tai Chi Uniform by Tai Chi Tranquility
Standard Competition Uniform with Gold Braid
Standard Competition Tai Chi Uniform with gold braid and gold satin collarFolded cuffs Traditional Tai Chi Uniform with gold braidGold braid and foil collar Standard Competition Tai Chi UniformGold braid cuff and frog buttons Standard Competition Tai Chi UniformGold foil folded cuffs Standard Competition Tai Chi UniformTai Chi uniform with dragon embroidery by Tai Chi TranquilityTai Chi uniform with dragon embroidery by Tai Chi TranquilityTai Chi on a beautiful morningFinished garment specification Tai Chi Tranquility
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Customers have asked for Tai Chi uniforms with gold braid. Here you can create the uniform you want using gold braid and satin trim. We have limited the uniform colors to black, white, red, navy and royal blue (the most popular colors). The Tai Chi uniform is for both men and women and features a Mandarin collar, side slits and frog buttons. The standard uniform comes with cuff and 2 frog buttons on the sleeve and elastic at the ankles, however there are numerous options to select from including sleeveless with braid around the arm hole.  

Standard product features:
  • Mandarin collar 
  • 7 frog buttons down the front
  • Standard long sleeves with cuff and frog buttons and braid top and bottom
  • Side slits 
  • Traditional raglan sleeve
  • Soft elastic in pants, waist and ankles


  • To check your size refer to the size chart below: Chart 1 Around the body and Chart 2 Height
  • OR you can use the Sizes Navigation Tab for the full sizing information 
  • Do select your actual size; do not add anything because the jacket will be about 8" larger around the body so it is loose and flowing for Tai Chi and Martial Arts and the pants are about 10" additional to the body measurement
Fabric and colors:
  • Uniform fabric is Japanese Silk, Cotton Spandex Medium or Satin in black, white, red, navy, royal blue. As you browse the fabrics in the checkboxes below, the specific fabric color chart will appear if you tick the box (the product image will be replaced by the fabric chart see above right) - click on the image of the color chart to open to full size, each fabric has it's own color chart
  • To order, tick your selection and write the color name and number 
Options to customise your Tai Chi uniform:
  • Optional sleeve lenghts; 3/4, elbow, sleeveless
  • Optional sleeve styles; folded cuff (braid top and bottom of fold), hemmed with braid edge, sleeveless with braid edge
  • 2 Front patch pockets in jacket
  • Additional pockets in pants; front/back or both
  • A variety of ankle finishes available, refer to the dropdown box *For hemmed options we require the length; measure the outer leg from the waist to the desired length
  • Dragon embroidery
Trim options:
  • Choose satin infill color: collar and cuff
  • Briad placement: collar, cuff, down front edge, around bottom edge 
Special tailoring request and Embroidery details:
  • Option to request a minor change
  • If your waist or hips are significantly wider than your chest/bust please provide this information/measurement in the Special Tailoring Request box
  • Specify embroidery location and any color changes