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I wanted to thank you for the wonderful uniforms. It's tough to find things my size in off the shelf clothing, and your prices for custom garments is a great value. The craftsmanship and quality of the materials and fantastic. It's rare in today's world that things live up to old school expectations. I really appreciate your approach, care, and compassion for what you're doing.  Attached is a picture of me wearing one of your wonderful uniforms at Tiger Claw Elite 2018.
Thanks again,

Donald, California US
22nd June 2018

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Boniface from Martial Arts Fitness Cultural and Sporting Centre Uganda

Boniface from Martial Arts Fitness Cultural and Sporting Centre Uganda

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Custom made Tai Chi Uniform by Tai Chi Tranquility
Standard Tai Chi Uniform in Hoi An Silk
Japanese Silk collar with detachable Hoi An silk collar insideMix and match colors of your choiceStandard Competition Tai Chi Uniform for competition and demonstrationFinished garment specification Tai Chi Tranquility
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We are offering this Standard Tai Chi Uniform in a beautiful new fabric, Hoi An Silk (Pronounced 'Hoy Anne'). Hoi An silk is a blend of natural and synthetic fibers: 60% silk, 20% cotton and 20% polyester. We call it 'Hoi An Silk' because that is where we found this lovely fabric. The fabric is self-patterned with a small Asian motif which is a circular stylized 'double-happiness' Chinese symbol. The pattern also includes small leaves and branches. This fabric because if looks and drapes like silk but it has a bit more 'body'. We love Hoi An silk because, unlike pure silk, this fabric and can withstand body heat and sweat. And, unlike pure silk, Hoi An silk is relatively easy care: hand wash and dry naturally out of the sun. Little or no ironing is required. If ironing use a cool iron.

Judith is wearing the Standard Tai Chi uniform in the photo. It is a semi-lustrous fabric (not as shiny as satin but there is a sheen). The color of Judith's traditional tai chi uniform is fire engine red. The jacket has a double collar: a red one inside and the black one outside. The black cuffs and collar are made of plain Japanese Silk. Judith pants are plain also plain Japanese silk.

The authentic Tai Chi uniform has been designed for both men and women. In this Tai Chi uniform you will look the part when you demonstrate your form. The outer mandarin collar has medium stiffening for the precise look and feel. The front opening is closed by seven frog buttons which are also in the same color as the jacket. The wrist cuffs have two frog buttons (Judith chose contrasting red for the buttons). The standard Tai Chi pants have elastic and a draw string at waist and elastic at the ankles. This Tai Chi uniform has the authentic look and feel. the soft folds of the uniform will harmonize and amplify your graceful Tai Chi movements on the floor.

  • To check your size refer to the size chart below: Chart 1 Around the body and Chart 2 Height
  • OR you can use the Sizes Navigation Tab at the full sizing information 
  • Do select your actual size; do not add anything because the jacket will be about 8" larger around the body so it is loose and flowing for Tai Chi and Martial Arts.