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Hi Judith -

I wanted you to know how delighted I am with the entire purchasing process at Tai Chi Tranquility. Your website is clear and informative while the actual purchase effort simple and secure. 

The pants came sooner than expected. The tailoring company’s communication on when to expect delivery was reassuring and much appreciated. Quality of product is first rate: excellent material, meticulous stitching and sized as expected. 

In an age of robotic online purchasing through remote vendors, your operation stands out as personalized yet just as efficient with the added bonus of far better materials and workmanship. I believe you have out Amazon-ed Amazon!

I will wear these pants proudly, and rest assured, my tai chi classmates will hear of your service. 

Well done!

Sacramento California

22nd February 2019

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Boniface from Martial Arts Fitness Cultural and Sporting Centre Uganda

Boniface from Martial Arts Fitness Cultural and Sporting Centre Uganda

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About our Tailor in Vietnam

Custom made Tai Chi Uniform by Tai Chi Tranquility
I recieved the uniform,  and I cant be happier!   Top quality,  I thank you so much!  I will recommend others.  

Dave, Michigan
25th September 2019
Judith, I wanted to let you know that I received my package today and I couldn't be happier.  It is so beautiful and fits like a glove.
I can't thank you enough for helping me.  
Janet, Delaware US
18th September 2019
Yesterday, I received my silks.
The quality and fit are wonderful....    I am deeply grateful for your help and for the work done by the seamstresses to get it completed in light-speed time.
Thank you, again

Vangie, San Diego US
30th May 2019
Thank you! I really appreciate your personal attention and honest communication.This will be my first custom-tailored Tai Chi uniform and I’m very excited about it. I’ll look forward to working with your company again in the future.
Carole, Oregon US
13th May 2019
I just received the two jackets.  The fit is perfect and even a little roomy.  Thank you for providing Tai Chi clothing that fits!
Massachusett, 16th April 2019
Hi Judith -

I wanted you to know how delighted I am with the entire purchasing process at Tai Chi Tranquility. Your website is clear and informative while the actual purchase effort simple and secure. 

The pants came sooner than expected. The tailoring company’s communication on when to expect delivery was reassuring and much appreciated. Quality of product is first rate: excellent material, meticulous stitching and sized as expected. 

In an age of robotic online purchasing through remote vendors, your operation stands out as personalized yet just as efficient with the added bonus of far better materials and workmanship. I believe you have out Amazon-ed Amazon!

I will wear these pants proudly, and rest assured, my tai chi classmates will hear of your service. 

Well done!
Greg, Sacramento, California
22nd February 2019
The garment is lovely....very lovely, indeed.
Tony, Georgia US
29th September 2018

Just wanted to let you know that my Tai Chi clothes arrived and they are spectacular! The material feels great, the color is perfect, the fit is good and I thank you for crafting me this fine set of clothes.

Bill, Denver, US
15th September 2018
I just received my clothing order.  I am so very happy with the fit and the quality.  Good work!  I have never been so comfortable in clothing before.  I will certainly be ordering more in the near future.  
Larry, Seattle US
8th September 2018
Thank you again Judith. I am so pleased with the pants, I will place another order soon. Appreciate the follow up. 
Dante, California US
23rd August 2018
I received the uniform yesterday, and it is great.  Fits perfectly and looks very nice. 
Thanks so much. I will definitely recommend you, and get some other things in the future. 
Steven, Connecticut, US
12th August 2018
I must say you make the best uniforms my husband and I have ever owned. Our uniforms have been through many, many Shaolin Kung Fu classes, and they still look and feel great. I will never wear anyone else's uniform as long as you're in business.
Cindy, Kentucky US
4th August 2018
I wanted to thank you for the wonderful uniforms. It's tough to find things my size in off the shelf clothing, and your prices for custom garments is a great value. The craftsmanship and quality of the materials and fantastic. It's rare in today's world that things live up to old school expectations. I really appreciate your approach, care, and compassion for what you're doing.  Attached is a picture of me wearing one of your wonderful uniforms at Tiger Claw Elite 2018.
Thanks again,
Don, California US
22nd June 2018
Hi Judith
Just wanted to let you know that I received the other two items yesterday. yay!  Wonderful! They are beautiful
Thank You! 
Joyce, California US
16th April 2018
Hi Just want to say just received my second order and I am very happy with my purchase, The quality and fit of the uniform is perfect. Please pass this note on to your tailors in Vietnam. Thanks John
John, Washington US
19th February 2018
I look forward to my next top, thanks for such a great product and service.
Valerie, California US
8th February 2018
Thank you. I love the fabric and will be ordering more!
Vicki, California US
1st February 2018
I received my order.  Everything is awesome.  Thank you for the custom adjustments.
Jason, Texas US
1st February 2018
When YMAA quit offering silk clothing here in the States, I feared that my students and I would have to go back to T-shirts and sweats. All cotton is good as it does not interfere with energy flow through the body, but silk is so much better. When I found TaiChi Tranquility’s site and viewed the awesome variety of styles and fabrics, I took the chance and did a kit mail order. I was surprised at how quickly that first kit came and that it was spot on right the way out of the bag.

The clothing is very well made and the Raw Silk used is comfortable and breathes well. Custom fitting provided for a fit that is so nice, not a generic fit. As a teacher, I am in these clothes for long stretches, so that "just right” fit is very nice to have.
I  just recently purchased my multi-year students a kit of their choice and each of them has nothing but praise for the fit and style.

If you are in the market for superb kits for any meditative or martial practice, you can not go wrong with these products.
Judith and her Viet Nam crew are spot on and the turn around is very quick. Journey in peace mates.
Ric, Colorado US
16th July 2017
I would like to thank you for these uniforms.
These are the best uniforms I have ever purchased.
The detailed tailoring and materials are top notch and by far better than I had expected.
These pieces of clothing will serve me into the future.
I will be recommending this to others in my group.  :)
Scott, Wisconsin US
16th July 2017
I was VERY pleased to receive my parcel and wanted to say out of all of the tai chi uniforms I own this is easily the highest quality. You do exelent work. Thank you
Edward, Ebay customer US
29th June 2017
I just wanted to let you know that my order arrived and the clothing is wonderful.   The fabric and colours are rich, and the workmanship is beautifully sewn.  I will gladly be ordering from your website again.
Thank you
Karen, Nova Scotia
12th June 2017
Nice work as usual! Love the purple! Thank you!
Melina, Ohio US
7th June 2017
I wanted to let you know the items arrived this week and I couldn't be more happy with the fabric.  Good call! 
Scott, Pennsylvania
26th May 2017
I bought a wonderful cotton silk uniform, best I’ve ever owned by far. Thank you for your time, and assistance. I ordered my second uniform set from you today, and I am looking forward to its arrival.
John, New York
25th May 2017
Hi, I want to thank you for the beautiful clothes. I absolutely love them. The cotton silk is so soft and cool. Your seamstresses do impeccable work! Thank You So Very Much! I will be ordering more! 
JeNeal, Utah
18th May 2017
Hello i just wanted to reach out and thank you for your extremely high quality silk pants that i ordered a while back, since then i have hardly wanted to take them off! It is so hard to find high quality raw silk like this and am very impressed with the construction and customization options. Since then i have told my friends and they are all interested in ordering their own pairs! I will definately be ordering again soon thank you so much! 
Jimmy, Texas US
14th February 2017
I received the Tai Chi slippers yesterday. They’re beautiful; very well made and they fit perfectly.
Gerald, Toronto, Canada
14th December 2016
Hi Judith, I received my Tai Chi shirt today and it is just beautiful!  Your suggestion about getting a cotton/silk material for the shirt was excellent. I love the material and the workmanship is beyond excellent.  The shirt also arrived ahead of schedule.  Thank you again for suggesting a slightly smaller size I love the shirt which can also be worn as a jacket. Enough room to move around in when I am teaching. The high quality of the workmanship is well worth the price!  
Linda, Florida US
8th December 2016
Hi Judith,
Just wanted to let you know that the Tai Chi suit & sash arrived (well ahead of his birthday last weekend) and that my husband is absolutely thrilled with it. It fits him perfectly, feels ultra comfortable and gives him complete rang of movement. The sewing is beautiful (I'm an amateur seamstress and I wouldn't do such a lovely job! Hats off to the ladies who made this). Take good care, I will definitely recommend you to my friends.

Diana, Newfoundland, Canada
12th November 2016
Hi Judith

Package arrived safely.
Shoes fit perfectly and Heather loves her new outfit.
Thank you for such great products & service.

Wendy, Sidney Canada
25th October 2016

Hi Judith

Just wanted to say thank you - suit arrived a few days ago and the material is lovely!

Best Paula

Paula, Milton Keynes UK
16th October 2016
Hi Judith - I received my package this morning, and have just tried on the outfit.  The style, fit and material are perfect!  Thanks very much for the excellent service.
Best, Robbie

Robbie, Federal NSW
16th September 2016
I just received my first order yesterday. I am so impressed with the quality, fit, and overall functionality of both the clothing and the shoes. Thanks to all who helped make such wonderful products!
Mike,Oregon US
31st August 2016
Dear Judith,
My uniform arrived today. I am floored! Expert tailoring and quality fabric.
I bought a size down because I wanted it to fit more like regular clothing, and it does just that.
The cotton/silk blend has to be the most comfortable fabric I've ever felt against my skin. Actually has a calming effect. Go figure.
Also, it washed beautifully on the easy care settings of my washer and dryer. No ironing needed.
Thank you so much for offering such a wonderful product! This was my first purchase from you, but will certainly not be my last.
David, Kansas US
31st August 2016
Hi Judith,
Today I received the clothes. Thank you for the wonderful quality. It fits well and allow me (to move) very nicely.
Best regards, 

Sanne, Netherlands
21st August 2016
Hello Judith,
I just received my uniform top, and everything is perfect, fits like a charm and I really like the material.  In the past I mentioned you to my martial arts school and I know they have placed some orders with you too and are very happy with your products.  
Its a small world when a little school in Scarsdale, NY gets great products from your shop in Australia.
Thanks again for everything.
Tom, Scarsdale US
19th August 2016
Hi Judith.  Just wanted to inform you that my shoes fit very well and are so comfortable. ๐Ÿ˜Š
Elena, Florida US
28th July 2016
Hello Judith,
Received my jacket is very, very nice, a comfortable fit with plenty of accolades for you and the staff regarding same. My next order will be in Navy Blue with the zip front...embroidery the same as this one.
I am very pleased and happy to have found TaiChi Tranquility for all my orders in the future. I've passed the information to all the members of my classes as well. Having a discount as a member of Dr. Paul Lam's organization is very special as well. Thank you,
Jack, Florida, US
27th July 2016
Hi Judith,
Super excited to see the package arrive. I really love the fabric its soft plus strong and has good drape as well. I'm going to show this to the advanced students and we will decide on some things now that we have it and can come to a agreement on what our new uniform will be.
I’m blessed to have found your site,
Janesa, Portland Oregon
25th June 2016

Good afternoon Judith, 

Just to thank you again for the excellent service we all received from Tai Chi Tranquility and your tailors in Vietnam.
All three of us are happy and later on this week the logo will be done on all three uniforms and as soon as the other interested students will see us they will probably place their orders also.

You take care Judith and thank you so much from all three of us ๐Ÿ˜Š
Sonia,   Jean-Rock  and John 

John, Quebec, Canada
9th June 2016
The shirts came in today.  I wanted to express how amazing they are.  Thank you very much for your services.
Michael, Florida US
4th June 2016
Dear Judith,
Thank you so much for my wonderful jacket, it is perfect. I love wearing it and have had so many complements on the colours, style and material. Your ladies have done you proud. 
Ilse, Gold Coast, Australia
10th May 2016
Judith, I received my jacket today! Yay!  It is beautiful, soft, and very light...perfect for summer. Of course, it fits me perfectly AND it arrived in less than 3 weeks, which is amazing. Just overjoyed with the outcome and I will probably be ordering pants and shoes, as well. Thank you!
Diane, New York
23rd April 2016
Dear Judith
     Thank you so much for suggesting the cotton silk fabric - they have instantly become my favorite tai chi pants. They drape beautifully and allow total freedom of movement. Plus, they breath and are incredibly comfortable. Again, thank you for this suggestion. I will be ordering another pair very soon!
Kate, Albany, New York
17th April 2016
Everything looks very good! The embroidery job is exceptional! Chris loves it.
I may want to order one for myself too. :)
Milena and Chris, Mayfield Hts, Ohio
31st March 2016
Hi Judith,
The two pairs of shoes I ordered on Feb 14 arrived today. I have tried both shoes and they fit my feet very well. The color of both pairs is exactly what I asked for.
I would like to thank you for your great effort of following up and clarifying to make sure I received exactly what I wanted.
Cheng, Irvine California
6th March 2016
Hi Judith,
I received my items and I am so very pleased with them.  The tailoring is beautiful and so comfortable to wear.  I know I will buy more.  Thank you very much.
Mary, Pennsylvania US
26th February 2016
Hi Judith, I received my Kung Fu uniform yesterday. It is amazing, beautiful, it fits perfect!!! Thank you so much to you, and the entire staff who made this wonderful suit. Thank you!
Jame, Maryland US
16th February 2016
Hi Judith;
I received the Custom Tai Chi Uniform and it is AMAZING & ASTOUNDING!!!  That is the MOST PERFECT Tai Chi Uniform I have ever seen and it FITS PERFECTLY!!!  The cotton/silk fabric you recommended is so soft and luxurious just like my favorite polyester fabric.  The red embroidered Longevity on the back and the gold Dragon on the front are exquisite against the black uniform and the red trim for the buttons and frogs makes this the BEST UNIFORM YOU HAVE EVER MADE!!!  A resounding THANK YOU to you and your tailors for a custom Tai Chi uniform of the HIGHEST QUALITY!!!  I will be ordering some custom shoes!!!  My Kung Fu and Tai Chi Instructor was VERY IMPRESSED WITH THE UNIFORM!!!

   With great admiration and appreciation.

Sylvia, Wickenburg, Arizona
25th January 2016
Hello Judith

Pants and shirt pack arrived. Excellent material and fit. I'll order another set at some time. Thanks much.
Jim, Yerrinbool Australia
13th January 2016
Shipment came—LOVE the clothes and shoes!! ;-)
Thank you!
Karl, Boulder Creek, California
8th January 2016
Hi Judith--
Just letting you know that I received the parcel today.
I am impressed with the quick service, the quality of the pants, and the attention to detail-- all the pants were labeled with the persons' names.
Thank you again for all your help. All the best to you in the new year!
Lisa, Washington US
2nd January 2016
Hello Judith, I received my order yesterday. I am very pleased with the shirt/jacket and I think the 100% blue linen you sourced is a very refreshing change of colour. The product is a great shape and fit and also comfortable. It is as good as the shirt/jacket you made for me a few weeks previous. Thankyou and keep the faith. Happy tai chi.
Tim, Nottinghamshire UK
28th November 2015
Thanks J!!!!
Suits arrived yesterday!
Very nice.
Good fit.
Your quality is always the best.
I will be in touch in Spring for Short  Sleeve , collarless Summer Tops/Suits for them.
Greatest Suits! Tai chi Tranquility ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘ช
Michael, California US
28th november 2015
I am very pleased with the way my order came out. It truly is so comfortable and fits perfectly. I'm telling my fellow Tai Chi & Kung Fu Players about your great product & service. Thanks!!
Melina, Ohio US
16th November 2015

Hey Judith
I would like to thank you both for the phenomenal work on my jacket. It was perfect in everyway. From the size to the color. You guys are the greatest. Thank you

Don, Arlington Texas
5th November 2015
I just got the shoes the other day!  They are fantastic! 
Chris, Ontario Canada
31st October 2015
Wanted to let you know how much i am enjoying  the taichiquan pants !   The material and fit is very comfortable—and the pants look Great after multiple wear-and-wash opportunities…
Also, i really  like the cut and fit of the jacket i obtained as part of my last order!    i’m hoping some of the people with whom i train at the Sanctuary  (who have commented on how much they like my pants) will also submit orders to you….
Wishing you all well through the holiday season!
Evangeline, San Diego US
29th October 2015
 I am SO pleased.  They are perfect!!  I am very happy with the purchase – you do great work.
Thank you so much,

Naomi, California US
26th October 2015
We received the uniforms yesterday. I have had all but one try them all on and they all fit great! The embroidery is absolutely beautiful and everyone's faces lit up when they saw it all together. The quality is beautiful!
I will more than likely be placing another order just for pants in the future. Thank you so much for your great service, amazing quality and timeliness.
Joe, Lincoln, US
4th October 2015
Hi Judith,
I wanted to let you know that our jackets arrived this week. Thank you.
I have attached a photo of my silver medal team at the National Tai Chi and Wushu competition.
We performed so well because we looked so good!
Kind Regards
Heather, Melbourne, Australia
19th September 2015
Hi Judith,

Yesterday  I received my jacket.  I just LOVE it - so beautifully made, the fit is perfect.  I am thrilled.
My friend, who did all the measuring and is a seamstress was so impressed with the work, she wants to order a jacket.  I will spread the word to all the petite women I do Tai Chi with who have either never had a jacket or only one that did not fit.  Seeing is believing.

I so appreciate that the jacket came so quickly.  I will be proud to wear it to the Master Class.  Thank you again for all your help in making this happen.   I am very pleased.

Mary, California US
10th September 2015
Thought you might like to see how that beautiful uniform looked.  Sleeves were perfect length and they didn't get caught up with the sword - and I was able to win 2 gold medals to boot!  And so many people have commented on the outfit.  It is perfect :-)
Jenny, Melbourne, Australia
2nd September 2015
Please tell your seamtresses that they do beautiful work. I am happy how these uniforms fit and looking at the seams, they are very well and beautifully put together. Thank you very much.
Yvonne, New York US
2nd September 2015
Hi Judith,
Great news! My outfit arrived today, fits really well and it's nice and light!
Steve, Mt Tambourine, Australia
2nd September 2015
I received everything and they were perfect.  Thanks again.
Scott, Pennsylvania, US
30th August 2015
I just got my order, it fits perfectly! Thank you so much!!! 
Jesse, Montana, US
30th August 2015
Thank you, dear lady. The new top is great!!!
Norman, Kentucky US
23rd August 2015
I received items today. Very nice. Most likely to buy some more.๐ŸŒž
Peter, Connecticut, US
7th August 2015
Just letting you know when I wore my new summer uniform from last order to class last week, several people came up to feel and inquire about it. Much admiration! And sooo comfy and cool to wear. Can you put a few business cards in with my order? And tell the tailors that their work is outstanding; even people with my body shape look fabulous! Love it!
Kathleen, very satisfied customer
Kathleen, California
3rd August 2015
Dear Judith,
I have read many testimonials regarding a company's performance or product and had to wonder after I have obtained their product or experience their performance if they had wrote the testimonial themselves.
In the case of you company and product  I would like to express my amazement at the prompt, professional service offered by your company to fill that order. Wish to thank all those involved for their time and effort.
I am extremely satisfied with the clothing and shoes and considering I am a large man with unusual sizing appreciate the effort put in to make sure all fitted correctly and  will be putting them to very good use. 
I'd would highly recommend your Company and products to anyone interested.
Shane, Seaford, Vic, Australia
27th July 2015
Hello Judith,
I just received the uniforms today.  The uniforms look and feel fantastic and the wait was well worth it. I had never seen better uniforms anywhere else before. I am very happy about the products and I want to say thank you to you and your team.
Thank you,
Nguyen, Washington US
22nd July 2015
Just wanted to let you know I got the order for my shirts.  They are lovely!  I really like the colors you chose (red and purple).  Thank you so much.

Jackie, Maryland US
15th July 2015
Hi Judith
I have been meaning to email you to let you know how pleased i am with my tai chi suit thank you very much indeed. I'm now looking to have a tai chi jacket made in navy light cotton.

Michael, Hertfordshire, UK
13th July 2015
The uniform is beautiful. I plan to order your 
Standard Competition Tai Chi Jacket shortly.
Kim, Quebec Canada
1st July 2015
Dear Judith,
My order arrived today, and I feel delighted.  Every item fits perfectly.  I am especially pleased with the black linen & silk shirt.  I had hoped that this combination of fabrics would be suitable, and it certainly seems to be.  This fabric blend gives body to the top, while fitting loosely and providing plenty of ventilation.  It’s exactly what I had hoped to receive.  A handsome shirt, both casual and elegant.
The shoes fit as I had hoped, providing the wider sole support through the heel and along the outer edge of the sole.  I can’t begin to tell you what a difference this makes in fit and ease of balance.  Also, the additional 1/2 inch in length allows my foot to relax and to receive weight evenly.  This pair of shoes is better than my white pair of Adidas that I have loved so much.  Thank you so much for interpreting my emails and drawing.
The pair of cotton & silk pants have the extra length and width I need, as well.  What can I say?  Every item is so well made!  The silk shirt (from the specials) is quite nice, too.  I plan to wear it under a sport jacket. 
All of the offerings on your website are somewhat unique, I feel.  I wouldn’t know where to find such nice clothing, if I had not found Tai Chi Tranquility. 
The shirt is my favorite item.  It looks and fits a lot like the one worn by Wang Chin Shih.  So, I am more than pleased.  You made the impossible quite possible, and I am amazed.  Thank you for your patience and persistence, Judith.  I don’t know of anyone else, who would make such efforts to please a customer.  You’re one of a kind, I think.

BTW, several students have asked about the silk & cotton tai chi pants I have been wearing, so I’ve suggested your site to them.  Everyone is surprised that tai chi clothing can be ordered to fit precisely.  This seems to delight the women more than the men.  Secretly, however, I know that men are equally concerned about sizing.  They just don’t admit it easily.
All the best, Judith.  Thank you so very much.

John, Kentucky US
30th June 2015
Dear Judith
I'm over the moon happy with my Tai Chi uniforms and shoes. Everything is a perfect fit and the quality of material and manufacture is very high. Delivery was fast also.
I'm a very happy customer, Thank you.
Kind regards

Jackie, Noosa Heads, Australia
28th June 2015
You guys are the bomb! The best customer service I have ever experienced.
Kathleen, California US
18th June 2105
I'm in awe. It is beautiful and the fit is perfect. I can't thank you enough. I will send pics from the tournament so you can see your miracle work in action.
Janis, Washington US
16th June 2105
I have a pair of Bruce Lee style tai chi pants, one each in the Hoi An and the Viแป‡t Namese silks, and there are now NO other pants I can wear but these! I am so happy!!!
Nicole, Maine, US
3rd June 2015
Greetings from Canada Judith  !
Only a reminder that I'm very happy with the quality products I purchased over the years. 
They all look like brand new and I take very good care of each set.
Again thank you Judith and the tailors in Vietnam I salute you and thank you  !
Best regards to you all  ๐Ÿ˜Š
John, BudoCoeur Quebec
2nd June 2015
Hi, thanks for your help in ordering my tai chi uniform.  It is beautiful and fits just like the fotos on your web site.    I have the velvet with brocade trim.  
Thanks again, and I will be ordering  soon for a friend.

Bill, Ohio, US
29th April 2015
I just wanted to let you know I received my uniform today, and it fits perfectly. Thanks so much!

Alice, North Carolina, US
25th April 2015
I'm thrilled with the jacket the pants and the shoes. They all fit great and I've already warn them in my classes. They give me the professional look I was looking for.
It's always a pleasure to do business with you. I'm never disappointed and always send people your way.
Frank, Florida, US
8th April 2015
I just received my uniform. I'm very happy with my order and I will be ordering again in the future!
Marc, Ontario Canada
8th April 2015
Hello! How are you? I'm so pleased to report that I received the second of two orders I placed with you since the beginning of March. I received two beautiful shirts, and a pair of pants as well.  They are brilliant! Thank you so much!
Tom, Chicago, US
31st March 2015
The fit is perfect; I can't thank you enough for all the help. I'll be sure to spread the word if my classmates have a need. Thanks very much for your assistance. 
Joe, Pennsylvania, US
22nd March 2015
Order received. The shirts are just beautiful.
Thank you. :)
Jessica, New Jersey US
19th March 2014
Hi Judith,
My shoes arrived a few moments ago---awesome!!! I'm a very happy man; the shoes fit great, feel wonderful, and are well crafted. I'll write in more detail later and send some pics, but I wanted to let you know ASAP. I'll definitely be placing another order soon.
Gino, Tiawan
6th March 2015
Judith, I just received my order and it fits beautifully.  Thank you so much for your rapid response to my need.  I look forward to doing business with you again.
Anna, Victoria, Texas
5th March 2015
Hi Judith
Just a quick note to let you know that the sash arrived.  It is perfect. Thank you again for the great service.  Its rare to find it and I really appreciate it.

Brad, Northern Rivers NSW Australia
23rd February 2015
It’s awesome, just what I had imagined!
Valerie, Redwood City, California
19th February 2015
I have just received my new jacket, it is beautiful, thankyou very much.
Sue, Hampshire UK
14th February 2015
WOW! Just got my competition Taiji suit. It is gor-ge-ous! And fits perfectly.
Just awesome! I can go into my first competition with full confidence that at the least, I look fabulous!
So happy. Definitely will recommend and order more.
Thank you for your wonderful service!
Kathleen, California US
12th February 2015
Thank you! We got it today! :) Aaron LOVES his pants! thank you SOOOO very much!!!
Dawn, Spring Valley, California
5th Febuary 2015
Hi Judith, I just wanted to send you a note to say I've received the new uniforms and they are wonderful, exactly the right size for me. 
Scott, Pennsylvania, US
22nd January 2015
Judith, beautifully received in only a very few weeks. thank you.
Sandy, Arizona, US
12th January 2014
Happy New Year! 
I just received my uniform and tried it on....I love it! It is so comfortable and easy to move in! Thank you so much to you and your team!
Martha, Michigan US
9th January 2015
Hello Judith,
I received the Tai Chi uniform today. Looks great, fits great, feels and moves great. I'm very happy with this product. We made the right choice with the cotton spandex medium weight material for this time of year. I understand what you mean about it being warm. Thank you again for a fine product. I'll be back to you in April.
Merry Christmas to you and your family.
William, Kentucky US
29th December 2014
Hi Judith,
I just wanted to let you know that my order arrived and I was able to pick it up this morning. I am SO happy with the shirts! They fit like a dream and the cotton silk fabric is so soft. I LOVE these clothes! Thank you so much with your patient help.

Rae, California US
17th December 2014
Hello Judith,
Just want to tell you that the shoes arrived and Iโ€™ve used them for two classes. They fit just beautifully, and I feel like the fashion maven of the class. I know I will enjoy these shoes for years to come.
Andrea, New Hampshire, US
16th December 2014
Hi Judith,
First words that came out of my mouth when I unwrapped the contents : “OH. MY. STARS !” 
The jacket is gorgeous, so well made, and really reasonably priced for the complexity and quality of the garment. I’m in awe !
I couldn't be happier about what I have received. I’m sure Kent will love it, and I’ll ask him to send you feedback as well.
Thank you, and thank your team of very talented tailors so very much :) 
Have a happy Holidays !
Frederique, British Columbia, Canada
16th December 2014
Judith, The suit arrived day before yesterday, I've only just unpacked and worn it.  It is crackin'.  Thanks very much and a very Merry Christmas and a successful New Year to you both.
Mike, Wokingham, UK
13th December 2014
Hello Judith, today I received my tailor made Tai Chi shoes EmojiEmoji I wore them tonight at Tai Chi session and they felt very light and comfortable. They "DO" feel like they were made just for me and my big long flat feet. I slapped a light coat of neutral shoe polish on them as I do with all my leather shoes. I thought that they would be a little bit painful being new, but I was totally wrong. Eagerly waiting for my Navy Blue shoes to arrive so I can go back to being the fashion police at class. I thank you for your persistence and professionalism that you displayed from the beginning to the end. Please thank your personnel for me whom made the shoes, I am forever appreciative of their efforts and labor in the pursuit of excellence.  Tai Chi Tranquility, professionalism from the top down. Thanks again  Yasoo
Loving Living & Living Loving
                     Be Well
Andre, Crete, Greece
6th December 2014
Hi Judith,
I have just received my jacket and made to measure shoes. The shoes fit perfectly and are a lovely purple colour, I am delighted with them and they are so comfortable. My new jacket fits well too. Thank you to whoever made the shoes.  Good Job! as my grandson would say.

Sue, Hampshire UK
5th December 2014
Thanks Judith - everything arrived as expected and I'm really happy with the quality of both uniforms (Silk/Linen and Polyester/Linen). 
Scott, Pennsylvania, US
30th November 2014
Hi Judith, I received it, thank you. It's just beautiful, and I may only be able to train in silk now.
Eric, Wisconsin US
24th November 2014
Just received my order and I am thrilled beyond words - the tai chi pants fit well and I am so looking forward to wearing them to class tomorrow. I am very impressed at how well they are made (I sew myself so I can tell well made from slipshod) and astonished at how quickly they arrived. I will be recommending you to other tai chi students in my school.  
A very happy customer
Kate, Albany, New York
15th November 2014
I have received my jacket and trousers today well ahead of the arrival date. I am delighted with every thing, thank you very much, I think I will be buying more in the future.
Sue, Hampshire UK
12th November 2014
Received my new shirt and pants today. Thank you Judith and Kathleen. Beautiful! :)
Maureen, Tasmania Australia
7th November 2014
I received the tai chi top I ordered from you.  It was the most wonderful material and workmanship.  It fit perfectly.  Thank you very much.  I would love to be on your mailing list.  Thanks again, Lynda 
Lynda, Taylors SC USA
7th November 2014
This is to let you know that the Pai-Mei outfit fitted absolutely perfectly, nothing too long or too short, looks like it was sewn on him,  
and looked GREAT. 
Thank the tailors for their great work, they deserve it  :)

Kent and Frederique, West Kelowna, Canada
6th November 2104
I recently received my Tai Chi jacket and the quality and workmanship is excellent! Thank you very much.
Richard, Quebec, Canada
27th October 2014
Back on July 13, I purchased a set of Tai Chi slippers. I was truly amazed at how well they fit.  I have never owned footwear that fit like a glove.  I am going to order some more slippers, a pair of shoes with the velcro closure, and a pair of sneakers.
Jim, Boulder, Colorado
23rd Oct 2014
I have received the Tai Chi suit last week, and I love it , you people did a fantastic job !!!! Thank You so much !
(Uniform with special embroidery request)

Mariusz, Ontario Canada
14th October 2014
Thanks for the length advice Judith. I received the item and it is perfect!
Mark, Houston, Texas
13th October 2014
I am very happy the white uniform and the last blue uniform is fantastic, The color and the sashes are perfect, thank you for sending so many different colors I can change them whenever I like for all my uniforms.
Say Thank you to the tailors for their great work.
Until nest time
Anna, Brescia, Italy
26th September 2014
Dear Judith,
I received the jacket. It is exactly what I was looking for.
Thank you very much.
Matteo, Milano, Italy
29th September 2014
I love, love, love my new shoes, pants and tai shirt.
I'll be ordering again.
I'm so excited!!
Shana, South Carolina, US
21st Sept 2014
I had to contact you to say THANK YOU! I got my Tai Chi outfit today. It fits me perfectly and the quality of the material used is wonderful. Your measurements were spot on. I will definitely be ordering another in the very near future. Here is a picture worth a thousand words. Thank you again.


Paul, Chicago, US
11th September 2014
Dear Judith ,
I wanted to tell you I had received the Uniform top in a timely fashion .
I am very pleased with the quality work you do. Thank you for your help in this matter. 
May you have a pleasant and lovely day.
A La prochaine < until next time > 
Gilles, Ontario, Canada
9th September 2014
Hi Judith,
I got the Tai Chi Uniform yesterday.
It’s great!  Comfortable, fits beautifully and I love the red turned up cuffs. I just love wearing it.
I’m sure I’ll be getting another uniform.  I’ll wear them for a lot more than just Tai Chi practice.

Mark, Cobar NSW AU
2nd August 2014
Hi Judith, I wanted to let you know that I received my corrected order today and just "love" the tai chi outfit.  The material and workmanship is excellent and the fit is perfect!  Thank you so much for negotiating the price with me and I can assure you that I will continue to purchase these exquisite clothes from you in the future.  
I hope you enjoyed your trip to the states!

(Replacement uniform sent due to my error. Thanks Linda for accepting the incorrect item, I know you will get good wear. I really appreciate your loyalty and understanding)
Linda, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
2nd August 2014
Hi Judith,

The uniform and jacket arrived yesterday (7/31) -- quicker than expected.  They are so beautiful!  The colors, fabrics and workmanship exceeded my expectations.  They fit perfectly and are very, very comfortable.
Thank you!
Kara, California
2nd August 2014
I received my uniform today and couldn't be more pleased. It is beautiful and well worth the wait. 
Lisa, Mississippi
30th July 2014

Hi Judith,

I just received the shoes and they fit wonderfully. Thank you so much for all your help with my order.
I will definitely be a repeat customer in the future.
Thanks again,


Sami, Edmonton, Canada
1st July 2014
Dear Judith- I received the shoes today. The leather shoes fit perfectly and the slip ons are slightly loose - which I am ok with. Thank you so much for your extra attention and remake of the shoes (due to incorrect sizing) that was quite kind and very professional.

Thank You again

Robert, Paonia, Colorado
17th June 2014
Thank you, they are perfect.  I am very satisfied.
Maria, Sicily, Italy
30th May 2014
The uniforms arrived today and are great. Thank you so much!
They are that good that I am going to make another order hopefully tomorrow. Will be in touch!
(This is Ron's 12th order to date)

Ron, Wellington NSW
27th May 2014
I received my uniform and it is perfect! It looks and feels wonderful!

Jason, California
15th March 2014
Hello Judith,
I just wanted to let you know that we received the order that we placed on Feb 9. It was delivered much earlier than we expected, and the vestments are truly beautiful: the quality of the fabric, the design, and the workmanship are very high. Please let your tailors know how much we appreciate their care with our order. And thank you for all your help in getting things set up for people to order HUMUH vestments online.

Sheryl, Canada
7th March 2014
I just wanted to let you know that I received the pants in time for my weekend event at our local Asian Celebration, and that they are awesome! Thank you so much!
Matthew, Eugene, Oregon
7th March 2014
Hello Judith, sorry its taken so long to write but I just wanted to thank you for the suit - it fits (!), and the colour and material are beautiful.  Thankyou so very much for all your help and patience and please thank your tailors for such a beautiful job they are doing.  It feels so good to do my tai chi in this japanese silk!  Many many thanks  Gill
Gillian, Spain
14th February 2014
I ordered the custom Tai Chi shoes, and the fit was quite nice.  The
soles did not work for the surface I practice on, unfortunately.  But
Tai Chi Tranquility arranged a full refund with no fuss!

Eric, Athens, Georgia
24th January 2014
I received my uniform! Thanks so much for your for you prompt communication. Greatly appreciated. I'm sure we will be doing business again.
Aaron, Surprise Arizona
31st December 2013
Hi Judith
Everything is great. Perfect fit. Look great too. Thanks for your help. 
David, Wellington New Zealand
December 2014
Hello Judith!
The package arrived yesterday - but got to try it today at my qi-gong practice. I must say: Wow! Thank you! The suit itself is beautiful and easier to move in than if you were naked (less friction than skin on skin lol) It fits me perfectly and the engraving is perfect! 
Thanks a bunch - and I will definitely recommend it to my entire Qi Gong network!
Christopher, Wellesley, Massachusetts
11th November 2013
Hi Judith My Gi is nice and fits nice everyone really likes it and I thankyou and your tailor for a nice job well done hope to use your services in the future.
David, Deland, Florida
13th October 2013
I've been meaning to write you.  My uniform and shoes arrived on time and they're everything I hoped for.  The fit and the Royal Blue of the 3/4 length sleeve Tai Chi uniform are perfect, but the shoes are even better, if that's possible.  I can't help feeling a little proud of my wife's and my careful measurements, but the execution by your shoemaker was excellent.  The shoes, with my orthotics, fit like old friends right out of the box - well-fitting, light, and flexible. 
Jim, Wilmington, Delaware
11th October 2013
Dear Judith
Just thought I would let you know the postie delivered a package to my door at 1.05 pm today. I had to leave home at 1.30 to take 2 Tai Chi classes, but the parcel HAD to be opened beforehand.
The colour is just wonderful – really ‘me’ – but I debated whether I would have time to run a light iron over the suit before class. OF COURSE I HAD TIME and I wore it. Comments were all so positive and I really felt glamorous (for an ‘ol girl’). The fit is perfect. One of my students passed the following comment “WOW, that is AWESOME”.
Thank you again, Judith, for all your help in getting me sorted. I’m pretty sure you will be hearing from me again in the not too distant future.
Regards and all the best
Susan, Youngtown, Tasmania
5th October 2013
The new jacket just arrived and is just what I was looking for. I will pass around your card and the swatches to the rest of the group . Thank you
Jimmy, Batavia, New York
10th September 2013
So, the tai chi uniform came in today!! I must let you know that this purple satin, with the turquoise trim is absolutely stunning! The satin material feels stupendous, and the 3/4 sleeve length is great. I love that there is a choice about pockets, and purple being my favorite color, this uniform is now my new favorite!!! I cannot wait for my tai chi players to see it, let alone, order one for themselves. Thank you again, and I will be promoting your website, more than I already do. :-)
Jon, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
10th September 2013
Hi Judith, thank you so much I received my Tai Chi suit today and as usual it is just beautiful.  The workmanship continues to be excellent and such a high quality these days that you just don't find anymore.  Please thank your tailor for me her expertise is so well appreciated.  You are blessed to have them with you!  The material and the comfort are amazing.  And thank you for following my request to the T I so appreciate the effort.  

It is great doing business with you and I know I will be ordering more from you in the future.  Here in the states the Tai Chi clothing is subpar compared to yours!  Again thank you and we will be in touch.

Linda, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
15th July 2013
I just wanted to let you know I love my uniforms.  I plan on getting some more pants soon.  I sent you a new customer from Manhattan Beach.  I'm sure he'll love his stuff too.  He ordered his because he saw mine.
Steven, Cedar Glen, California
29th June 2013
Hello Judith, 
My uniform arrived today, just a week after I placed the order.  It's is just what I wanted, and the fit is great. Thank you for comparing it against my measurements. 
I wore it today for my practice and found that wearing something traditional really helped put me in the right frame of mind for practicing. 
Thank you for a wonderful service.

Susan, New Zealand
22nd June 2013
I received my tai chi uniform  and I really like the quality of it. I cant wait to wear it in class. Thanks Dave
Dave, Alberta, Canada
22nd June 2013
Hi Judith,
Received the package today, and everything is just fine!  I particularly love the light blue shirt it is beautiful.  I wore it today and got a lot of compliments!
Thank you very much,
Marie, Maryland US
20th June 2013
Hi judith, My mother, picked up her package on friday. She loves the shirt. thank you so much!!!!
Allie, Cornell University, US
19th June 2013
Hi Judith,
Your delivery arrived today.
I would like to thank you so much. The uniform is exactly what I expected. The size is perfect. And the quality of the  raw silk is wonderful.
Please convey my thanks to the tailors as well.
I will save the size information for my new orders. I will definitely recommend you to all my Tai Chi friends.
In Finland it is summer. The raw silk  uniform is just perfect to outdoor exercises - not too warm and keeps me warm if the weather is not so warm.
I’ll get back to you with the  new orders.
Best regards
Anne from Finland

Anne, Finland
19th June 2013
Your Tai Chi and Kung Fu uniforms are superior to whats being sold in the US!  So I will be ordering another set.  I also love your silk outfits for casual wear.  Thanks so much for your help!
Linda, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
11th June 2013
Hi Judith.  I just wanted to thank you again for the great uniforms and outstanding service.  We had a great trip to China.  I am attaching a photo of all of us in our uniforms.
Tai Chi Uniforms by Tai Chi Tranquility

Dean, Floral Park, New York
11th June 2013

Hi Judith,

I received the nice Tai Chi workout suit, very happy.

Bill, Pacific Grove, California
31st May 2013
Received my “uniform” yesterday and wore it during my morning stretching and meditation session this morning.  Wonderful!  I couldn’t be more pleased.  Thank you very much.
Jeffrey, Lancaster, California
31st May 21013
My tai chi uniform arrived today and I have already done a set of tai chi in it. It is a very good fit. Thank you very much. Please hang on to my measurements! I will undoubtedly order a version in heavier fabric for the fall. Thanks again!
George, Long Beach, CA
25th May 2013
I've received the items I ordered & I am well pleased with your look, comfort, & fit. I am looking forward to purchasing more clothing. Thank you from a satisfied new customer.
James, Romulus, Michigan
24th May 2013
I just wanted to say a huge Thank you for the fantastic outfits that arrived last week.  They are perfect for our needs and fit all the cast members very well.  So, thank you again for filling a large order so quickly and competently, and I will definitely recommend you to anyone who asks!
With kind regards,
Jan, Strathfield, Australia
22nd May 2013
Dear Judith
Thanks! I just got the package today with a blue Jet Li jacket and two pants. This is simply so amazingly beautiful. 
Three parts makes this happen: the Jet Li design is new and totally elegant +   the japanese silk is the best material ever (Silky, non-transparent and a great mat, not shiny, surface) + your great workmanship. 
Thanks for your great work! It is much appreciated.
From a happy customer
Tom, Copenhagen, Denmark
11th May 2013
Hi Judith, I wanted to thank you for the amaizng Tai Chi outfits they arrived today. Of course they are perfect and the tailoring is beyond perfection!  I love the set and the jacket.
Linda, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
11th May 2013
I love it! This shirt is just beautiful!  Thank you..........I'm going to order 2 more............
Jackie, Cuba, New York
2nd April 2013
 I received my Tai Chi uniform six days ahead of schedule!   Awesome!  I love it!
I am thinking about wearing it to a (non-black tie event), banquet for a music gig.
Sam, Springfield VA
12th March 2013
I just got my uniform and it is perfect, the best fitting clothes I have ever had. Thank you so much.
Steve, Taylorsville, Utah
9th March 2013
Hello Judith

Delighted to say my Tai Chi Uniform has arrived today and I am absolutely thrilled with everything. Thanks very much for all your help along the way.
Lyn, Auckland, New Zealand
5th March 2013
Judith, I received the uniform three days ago. It is simply fabulous! The color is simply fabulous! The color is gorgeous, the material is superb. I wore to my practice on Saturday, It attracted everyone's attention.
Johnny, Gaithersburg, Maryland
4th March 2013
I received it today.  Thanks for the quick delivery and the fit is perfect.
Allen, Waldorf, Maryland
3rd March 2013
Dear Judith,
Many, many thanks for the beautiful uniform!!  I received it earlier this week and just had a chance to try it on.  Indeed, it fits perfectly and I so appreciate your extraordinary attention and service with this order.  I will be wearing it for a dvd I am making for the Tai Chi classes I teach and will be delighted to share information about your company with all who ask about the outfit (and I have no doubt there will be many!).  
Margaret, Alpharetta, Geogia
22nd February 2013
The pajamas are outstanding .....the fit, the material, the appearance ....all is superb and rates much higher than anything she has ever glad over the many decades.
Thank you ....and that seems not enough!  I cannot express clear enough the deep appreciation for your excellent work.
Jack, Cresson Texas
6th February 2013
Judith, first, thank you for your quick response.  I'm very impressed with your prompt customer service.  Thought I let you know that I received the items today and am totally pleased.  The shoes fit like a glove and the pants are even better than I had anticipated.  I look forward to doing business with you again soon.
Robert, Fargo, North Dakota
23rd January 2013
I have just received my order today. It is nicer than I had imagined seeing the web. Very good finished and great quality of fabric. Precisely due to the difference between a material and other one, I will recommend you to all those who ask me.

Angeles, Vigo, Pontevedra
Spain 10th January 2013
I got my suit yesterday, and it's fantastic.  You guys do great work, with excellent service... I'll be sure to recommend you.

Matthew, Dublin, Ohio
12th January 2013
Hi Judith
Just received the Tai Chi pants, wow was that quick! They are spectacular. Exactly what I wanted. They fit perfect, look stylish and feel great. Thank you sooo much. Happy holidays!

Charles, Perkiomenville, PA
25th Dec 2012

I just received my order which was dispatched much sooner than expected. 

I wanted to say thank you for the quality of your products. 

The fit is perfect and the fabric leaves a feeling of top quality. 

These are the best uniforms I've seen so far. 

Be sure I will order from you again.

Renaud, Haute-Normandie, France
28th November 2012

Just to let you know that the suit and shoes arrived safely today.  The quality is excellent and fit is perfect… I am sure I will be back for more.

Many thanks for the assistance and attention to detail.

Stehpen, China
28th November 2012

Dear Judith,

Our beautiful uniforms arrived in the mail today!  They are just fabulous.  We love them.  

Thank you so much,

Carol, Saddlebrooke, Arizona
28th November 2012
I wore the Black silk outfit today. GREAT JOB ! The shoes are awesome on wood and carpet. I am very happy thus far! I don't have a tweet account, though. I do use Facebook. I would be glad to remark on your excellent quality and service.
Michael, Las Vegas, Nevada
31st Oct 2012
Hello Judith,
I got the clothes in the mail and they fit good. I'm becoming a big fan of the raw silk and think it's my fav. The shoes are really stable and move well and I'm really happy things worked out.
Shoes are really important to me and I'd like to tell you that I've been looking long and hard for proper fitting. 
big thanks!

Kevin, Alberta, Canada
31st October 2012
Hello Judith,
Both of my uniforms turned up in today's mail, thank you.
I have to say it! .......The uniforms supplied by Tai Chi Tranquility are hands down the absolute best I have ever had or seen!
The fabric is wonderfully soft, fluid and flowing .. Just like Qi/Chi!
They are perfect for my art of Wu He Dao Zhan Pai White Crane Gongfu!
The cut ..... Perfect!
The fact that you can have each uniform custom made is fantastic!
I will be advertising your Uniforms to everyone I will recommend my senior students both in Oz and overseas order your wonderful uniforms!
Than you, thank you, THANK YOU!
Best wishes,
Ron, Wellington NSW
10th October 2012
I just wanted you to know that I received the uniform and it is beautiful.
Thank you so very much for your help and patience.
I look forward to purchasing more from TRANQUILITY.

Mary, Port Charlotte Florida
2nd October 2012
I just got the black pants.  They fit great and look perfect with my white top.  Thank you for being a great person to deal with and providing a actual custom fit uniforms.  I've ordered a custom fit uniform before and it was just a large, they didn't use the measurements.  I've been looking and was excited when I found your site.  I'm sure I'll order from you again, probably for a black top, and I'll recommend you to anyone I know looking for a nice uniform.
Jamie, Pittsfield, New Hampshire
2nd October 2012
My congratulations to you. You are really providing your customers with the best quality around. Thank you very much!
Konstantinos, Cyprus
13th September 2012
Just received my shoes.  LOVE them.  Such shoes should fit like a glove and they do.  Thank you so much!!

I am, indeed, about to start teaching a class in Tao Yin and will recommend them to my students.  Hope to have a larger order for you soon.
thanks, really happy with the product.

Amelia, New Mexico
7th September 2012
Hi Judith,
I received my uniform yesterday.
I tried the uniform immediately, it was a perfect fit! Followed by a test run in the lounge room with 5 minutes of training.
Credit must go to my wife for triple checking the measurements!
The material and the fit are all brilliant. The  medium cotton was an excellent choice, thank you for your suggestion.
The first official test run will be this Friday night at training. I certainly look forward to showing of my purchase to the rest of the training group.
My wife discovered your website and I am very pleased we bought a uniform from you.
Thanks again,
Simon, Kurmond, Australia
31st August 2012
Received my order right on schedule. The Uniform is beautiful and functional as well I love it!. Thanks another loyal customer!!
Monica, Vermont
24 August 2012
My uniform arrived today in time for my tai chi class.  I got lots of compliments.
Peter, New York
3rd August 2012
Received the Kung Fu Coat today. Can't really describe how happy I am with it. Fits Great and Looks exactly how I pictured it. Thank you for doing the sleeves in Vietnamese Silk really brings a unique look. You have gained a loyal customer. Kris  7/18/2012 
Kris, Phoenix, Arizona
18th July 2012

Wanted to let you know that today I received the custom made tai chi shoes that I ordered from you, and I couldn’t be more pleased!  I have searched for a number of years for a pair of shoes that fit, and I finally found them.  You have definitely earned a loyal lifetime customer.  I hope to order a uniform from you soon.

Marianne, Delaware
7th June 2012
The uniform has arrived!  Love it!  Great fit & color combo.  Thanks so much for all your guidance & attention to detail.  
Dodie, Las Vegas
27th June 2012
I recently received the Tai Chi trousers that I ordered a couple of weeks ago. I would just like to say that they are lovely and have exceeded my expectations. 
Nick, Kent UK
21st June 2012
I just received my Tai Chi uniform, it fits great, and is great in every way.

I can't thank you enough for you and your great company.

And how wonderful it came from Viet Nam, never got anything from there until today!

Again many thanks.
Elaine, Homossa Springs, Florida
4th May 2012
Hello, I wanted to let you know that my pants arrived safely...
The pants fit perfectly and the fabric is nice and cool for the hot summer...
Thanks very, very much for such a fantastic product, and also for using a great shipping company...
PS - the pants will be PERFECT for our event on World Tai Chi Day next weekend!
Cynthia, The Woodlands, Texas
24th April 2012
Hi Judith,
Just wanted to let you know Kai’s suit arrived today and it is absolutely perfect! I am so impressed and he thinks he looks pretty spiffy!
Thank you for your great customer service too.

Joanne, Mt Isa, Australia
26th April 2012

Hello Judith!

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that my Changshan have arrived, and I couldn't be more pleased with them. They are beautiful to look at, and at the same time attractively tailored to fit my body while perfectly loose enough to move in. Thank you so much for taking these on for me, you did an amazing job!

Kevin, Newport Beach, California
20th April 2012
Received the uniforms.  Absolutely beautiful.  Thank you so much.
John, Miami Florida
30th March 2012

Thank you so much. My wife is very happy with the uniform. she can't wait until she goes to Tai Chi this afternoon. again thank you.

Dwight, California
21st March 2012
Just got my Tai Chi suit! I am very impressed with the quality and durability. It is very well-made! Kudos for a job well-done!
Mark, North Carolina
20th March 2012
I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for getting my order to me so quickly, and I wanted to tell you that I am very happy with the quality of the garment.  I ordered a white tai chi suit for a friend of mine in Cuba who I am going to see in May.  I know he will be very excited to receive this quality outfit!  Also, you have a very good shipping price since I live in Canada and it costs more than $15.00 to ship anything within this country. So I had a very successful ordering experience from you and I will recommend your site to many people in the future!
Tracy, Ontario Canada
13th March 2012

Just wanted to let you know that our pants arrived today and we are VERY happy with them!

In fact, we would like to ask if colours other than black and white may be available.  Could you let me know what colours (if any) you would be able to supply?

We thank you very much for your time and for a product that so far is all we hoped it would be.

Gayle, Queensland Australia
15th February 2012

I got it!!!!!! IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!! I can't express how much I love it and how perfect it fits!!!! Thank you!!!! Much love 

(Troy's uniform is a special custom design with a hood. The unifom is green raw silk with black frog buttons, and the hood lining is black silk)

Troy, Georgia
3rd March 2012
Hi Judith,
Thank you!!  I received my earlier order today. The white Tai Chi uniform is absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! Everything is perfect. I know my wife will love hers when it arrives.  Thank you!  Gary
Gary, Mississippi
24th February 2012
Hi Judith,
I received my jacket today and it's as expected,
It's great,
I'm vey happy with my purchase, and think I will order another.

Phil, Calgary Canada
9th February 2012

FYI I took my new outfit on a cruise to Indonesia for doing Tai Chi.  It was so hot and humid I wore it to an outing and received several compliments on its appearance.  I wore it out in public a few more times and intend to wear it in Reno when the summer heat is on.

Ken, Nevada
5th February 2012

I just received my 100% fine silk tai chi uniform and it fits beautifully.

Meg, Oregon US
2nd February 2012


hello Judith,

I wanted to let you know that my suit arrived Wednesday the 18th, I picked it up the next day and used it first at wushu training Friday evening, and I Love it! It looks beautiful, the green is really nice, it breathes well, feels great! I was advised to let it sit in water and vinegar overnight before first wash, to keep the colour better, so I will try that.

My group and teacher liked it a lot! 

Thank you so much for your advice and excellent service, and thanks to the tailors for making it so beautifully, they also added a piece of cloth of the green silk used for the buttons. 

Esther, Netherlands
23rd January 2012

I thought I would drop you a line to let you know that everything has arrived safely today, and it is all excellent.

David, Kuwait
2nd February 2012


The Tai Chi/Kung Fu outfit is excellent! Thank you.

David, Minnesota
27th January 2012

I have received the order today. It fits perfect, and the colors are great!  I am amazed by the quallity of the shoes. They really have a perfect fit.  Thank you for the service, and I will order soon again for the club.

Ed, Netherlands
8th December 2011
I received the jacket and pants today, 28th November 2011. I was surprisingly pleased to see that I had received excatly what I had requested. The staff were very helpful in attention to detail and achieving the style that I wanted. I can't express enough how pleased I am with the outcome of the merchandise. Thanks again to the Tai Chi Tranquility Staff for making a beautiful outfit and for getting to me before Christmas.I am elated for your craftmanship and getting this gift to me in an expedition mannor  My son will be extremely excited when he opens his gift on Christmas morning. 

Thank you again Tai Chi Tranquility Staff. YOU ROCK!!

Dawn, Tampa, Florida
29th November 2011
I just received my uniform top and love it!  I would like to order another jacket with the only difference that their would be no pockets on the jacket.
Steven, Winsonsin
15th November 2011
Judith ...I LOVE IT!!! It's BEAUTIFUL. I should have gotten three of them. Maybe I will.
Richard, Kansas
22nd October 2011
Dear Judith,
Thank you.  I received the Tai Chi jacket today.  It was delivered very fast as promised. Also, the jacket is exactly what I wanted, fits perfectly and looks great.  I want to thank you for your help with getting the measurements right and selecting the right materials.  

Thomas, NY
18th October 2011
Just wanted to let you know I received the pants a few days ago and they are AWESOME. Really good fit, good feel, and a pleasure to wear. 
Thanks heaps, and I will be definitely putting a request in for some more in the near future.

Paul, Qld, Australia
13th October 2011
Dear Judith,
The tai chi uniform arrived today, and is gorgeous.
Thank you so-o-o much.
It's a perfect fit;  the silk is stunning; soft soft against my skin.
So, if I forget my form, I'll look (and feel) beautiful in your silks forgetting my form !
Thank you again, and to ALL who were involved.

Kate, Huntington
12th October 2011
The shoes look good - fine craftsmanship - and fit like a glove. Literally!

Thanks for an excellent product.
Ron, California, Sept 2011
Thanks so much for all your help recently. I was so pleased with my "Summer" suit, which was tested and tried before I ordered more things. It washed and ironed so easily (and so often)! The custom fit and feel were just perfect and it is, dare I say it, flattering. I received so many compliments on the color and cut from peers and students alike. My students have all been given your information and urged to explore your site and create a comfortable, beautiful look for themsleves. Best of luck, and a sincere thank you from someone who has either quickly worn out sik or struggled with far too many ill fitting cotton "kung fu" pants as Qigong outfits. I just want to say "ahhh" in relief!
Barbara, Colorado Sept 2011
Our tai chi pants arrived today and they are perfect. The fabric is lovely and the fit is exact. Thank you. Our practice is tomorrow so we will get to wear them.
Helen, West Virginia, September 2011
I thought you would like to know my shoes arrived today at about 14:00 California time. They seem to fit like a glove and I'll give them a workout in an hour or so.
Howard, California Sept 2011
Having had so much trouble in the past, I had given up on anything Tai Chi-related. But then, I found you. The attention paid to my details to get them all perfect was amazing. No tailor ever covered that ground as you did. The finished item was beyond my best expectations, and I thought the shipping was amazingly swift. The quality literally left me without words - a flashback to the old clothes I recall from childhood. Even the frogs were beautiful! Thanks so much - you know you have another very happy, lifelong customer now!
Rev. Hernandez
August 2011
I received my custom made taichi suit today, I cant believe how quickly it arrived, and I would just like to say how very very pleased I am. The fit is spot on and I must say I look darn good in it, very smart.Thank you, I will recommend you to the other students at my class. I will also probably order another suit, maybe a summer thin cotton, later on. Thanks again.
July 2011
Just wanted to let you know that I've received the replacement shirts in the larger size, and they fit perfectly and are so comfortable! I wore one today for class and got some nice compliments on it. I'll be including your ordering info in my next revision of resource directory info in my Tai Chi class folders for future business, hopefully, from some of my students. And, I'm sure that I'll be reordering as new fresh shirts are needed! Thanks again for the prompt service and ease with which the size exchange was managed. Hope you're having a lovely day!
Joslyn, San Antonio Texas
26th July 2011
 I just received my tai chi uniform and i have to say that it arrived earlier than expected and it  is beautiful, it fits perfectly i love it
thank you so much

Stuart, New Jersey US
6th July 2011
How can I thank you enough? It's the first time in my life to have something custom made. I must say the suit is beautiful. It makes me look good too! You have been a delight to work with on getting me the suit I wanted. You have my business from now on. I am performing a tai chi form and sword form for World Tai Chi / Qigong day. I will send you pictures of my performance in my new tai chi suit. Thank you very much for your kindness. Merle, Denver
Mearl, Denver
I received my taiji outfit (cotton/spandex pants and top) a little over a week ago and wanted to let you know how pleased I am. The quality is excellent; stitching, evenness of hems, frogs, all of it is very well tailored. The dark blue color I got looks great and I love how it drapes and flows with movements. It is a very comfortable outfit. My students seem to like it! Very Best to You and your Tailors!
Craig, North Carolina
I have received my uniform and I really love it. Thank you, I look forward to doing further business with you.
Paul, Michigan
My Tai Chi jacket and pants arrived yesterday and they are exactly as they should be. Last evening I did my exercises in them outdoors at about 30 F. they were very comfortable. I will be ordering more from you as the need arises.
Daniel, Michigan
I received the package this morning (before Noon my time!) The silks are beautiful! And both they and the shoes fit just fine! Thank you for such prompt attention. I will be passing your info on to others at my school.
Jackie, Maryland June 2011
I recently ordered a Tai Chi uniform from you and though the time it took to arrive (I am in the U.S.A.) had me a bit nervous, the uniform was well worth the wait! It is, quite simply, the most comfortable and well-made uniform I have had to date. The excellent sizing advice you provide on your site ensured that the uniform fit perfectly. I will definitely be ordering from you again and will refer other Tai Chi and Kung Fu practitioners your way as well. Thank-you.
May 2011
Surprise, surprise. My raw silk taijiquan uniform arrived 2 days ago. A lot sooner than I had expected.
I'm very pleaded with it's quality and how nicely it has been made tailored. Luvs your choice of raw silk fabric.
Thank you very much.
Al, Ontario, Canada
23rd January 2011
I ordered a tai chi uniform from you and must say I am extremely pleased with the results!! I was, of course, a bit nervous about ordering it online since measuremets are always a problem, but the pants are great... awesome gusset and very comfortable in the cotton/silk blend. I will only shop here from now on for more tai chi clothing. Thank you and hope to expand your business more with my tai chi practitioners.
Travis, US Sept 2010
Just received taichi pants and they are awesome. I have been looking for decent taichi workout pants for years and finely found them. Great design. Fit is very good and I like your fabric selections. I will definitely be ordering more of your products.
Ted, Menomonie US August 2010
I received my new uniform today and was thrilled with the fabric, color, quality and fit. Thank you so much!!
Christy, Navada May 2010
We are delighted with our new uniforms. The quality of the workmanship and material is very high and this is enhanced by the fine attention paid to style, cut and measurement. The result - Tai Chi uniforms that not only look and feel great but are entirely accommodating to all our form postures. It is hard to find such a standard elsewhere.
Nigel, Cardiff, UK July 2010
Just wanted to let you know that we received our uniforms today, and they are beautiful. Thank you for going beyond our expectations and giving us exactly what we asked for. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. I look forward to ordering from you again. I have book-marked your website. Best wishes.
Luke, Tennessee May 2010
My Tai Chi outfits came today. Thank you, thank you, thank you. If you saw me dancing about in them you would think I was 10 not 70. The gray is perfect, elegant and makes a statement. I love my colorful outfit too. This may be the new 'me' statement. They both fit well and my husband will take a picture so you can see how they turned out.
Hannah, California April 2010
Thank you ... the tai chi uniform arrived a few days ago, in plenty of time for me to get used to doing the hand and saber form wearing it. It took me a day to get the courage to open the package, then another day to muster courage to try it on. It fits perfectly, thank you for your help with the fit. Happy New Year to you.
Diane, Kentucky
I received the two pair of tai chi pants I ordered and they are wonderful.
Karen, Arizona
I wore the jacket to class last night.(Monday) The material gives me the warmth I need here in the Wintertime I like the drape of the fabric as well. The quality of the construction is very good. The fit is perfect! The jacket has just the right amount of fullness etc. The feel of the fabric is lovely. Thanks--very much--to both you and Kathleen for doing this for me.
Cele, Washington
The uniform has arrived and we are very pleased with it.
Katie, United Kingdom
Thanks again for the great communication and expediting our order. I am happy to report that my wife loved her new uniform! We are both very happy with the design and craftsmanship. The fabric is very comfortable and seems pretty sturdy too.
Mark, Illinois
I received the package from Federal Express earlier than you had mentioned. The uniforms look wonderful. The material feels so nice and the construction is very high quality. Thank you so much for all your extra efforts in getting them to me so timely. Our son’s has been mailed to him and he’ll have it before Christmas “the big day”! He will love it! I know! He may want to order more from you. Thank you again. I have really appreciated working with you on this. It’s so nice to have this direct connection!
Pat, California